One of my memories from being a child is eating grapes right off the vine in my parents backyard. They were "purple grapes" and I loved them. Our next door neighbor (I'll call her C-girl; because her brother also had the first initial of C) liked them too, but didn't like the skins and would often spit them out. While hiding amongst the grape vines during a hide and go seek type of game, I remember D (my brother) and C-girl coming up to the grape vine and start munching on the grape vines. I held my breath for a bit before realizing they didn't know I was sitting right in front of them. I could see them, they couldn't see me.

That is, until C-girl spit the skin of a grape right into my face. Honestly, she swore she had no idea. I gave myself away and was found.

I now buy grapes at the grocery store called black grapes, which are similar to the ones I remember back when i was young. But, there is something about off-the-vine freshness.

About two years ago, T and I decided to give a shot at growing grapes. ( Really it was my decision because T doesn't eat grapes so often ). They died in the front porch without ever getting planted. Bad me. Yesterday, T found a package of grape vines amongst the flowers at Sam's Club. The package includes four different grape varieties, including 'concord grapes' which looked very similar to what I remember growing up. We decided to pick it up, vowing not to repeat our past mistakes.

Today, I planted some grapes. I have never done an ounce of gardening in my life (I even searched my repressed memories). I picked in T's back garden and started digging the holes. The process did not go as smoothly as i would have hoped. I found a lot of roots. The first grape vine I took out of the box crumbled all over the place.

If I had to do it again, I would have liked to have done this while T was home. ( She went to Maine for lobster). I'm sure her expertise would have helped me. And she could have offered helpful advice such as "Don't put them there, I just planted a bunch of [x] there yesterday."

I'm a bit worried about the amount of cats that I see in our yard and have considered getting one of these things to keep them out. Anyoe of any other suggestions?