What flavor is Ranchero? I had no idea, but thought it sounded interesting, so I picked up a bag of Ranchero Doritos. I love Doritos and there was a time where I would try every new flavor that came out.

I stopped that after they came out with some obscene flavor like guacamole or caviar. Some things are not meant to be eaten at all, much less lathered over a tasty corn chip.

Back to Ranchiro. After eating a bag of Ranchiro flavored Doritos, I still have absolutely no idea what flavor Ranchero is. The taste had the hint of burnt shoe mixed with ceyenne pepper. They didn't go down hot, and left an after taste that will leave you clamoring for your next glass of water.

Next time at the store, I'll stick to the original nacho cheese flavor and the occasional jolt into Cool Ranch or Spicy Nacho.