A Perfect Day by Far Cry Fly is on the Coldfusion Podcast (1.25) .

This song was a crowd favorite. We'd often use the song at the end of the set, and thank the audience venue / etc.. etc..

It had a nice laid back Jimmy Buffet feel.

On the studio version of the song, we used an opportunity to introduce ourselves, thank the people who bought the record, push the web site, etc... There is a version of the song with this piece cut (no talking). There is a version of the song from our 'short' foray into the world of stage names (Ariel Skye and Aaron Skye) And then there is a version of the song the standard "Jeff and Lori" monikers.

I cringed when I saw it, because I didn't know if they had the 'stage name' version of the song or the 'real' name version (half the discs have the stage name version and the other half has our regular versions).

Matt and Peter talk over the first half of the song. I haven't seen them do this before, so perhaps it was a bit of an in-joke because the band did it in the song.

The song sounds pretty good surprisingly. They did a good job of talking over the song with it real low in the background and then fading it in for the end probably right after we finish our 'talking' spree.

My Saving Grace is used on episode 21. Once again, they did a good edit job of it, cutting in right at the last chorus (but skipping all the verses).

Edits beyond my control usually make me quesy, but in this case, they didn't change anything, just added some fades to Perfect Day and a cut to My Saving Grace.

I miss being in the studio.