We recorded the band (S)he for the New Music Showcase this evening.

There was some confusion, so the band thought we were recording from 9 to 3 (during the day) instead of from 4 to 8. I got called asking if I could come in early. The shoot ended up going from about 3 to 7. I showed up around quarter to 4 to help finish setup. Kudos to Paul Cappa for standing in as host at the last minute. He did a fantastic job. Paul is 'seasoned' in stuff like this due to his time from Bands on the Road, a show similar in format to ours but no longer in production.

Anyway, so the recording goes off w/o too many hitches. their soundman couldn't make it so they want me to re-mix the vocals on each song "on the fly". I wasn't too happy about that, but did my best. Usually we try to set the levels and keep them for the whole set. They had three female vocalist, each sharing the lead (depending on the song). They had a "R&B" vocal style with a rock music behind it.

A lot of their songs were familiar, and I'd swear that the "Animal" (It's available on the jukebox on their site) intro is right out of a Steve Miller Band Song

We were short-staffed, due in part due to the time change (and resultant scrambling around to get started early). Because of this, Walter (the producer) was helping me set up sound and did not take care of some the usual paperwork before we started. In short, the paperwork gives us the right to re-broadcast the visage of the performers and their music.

At the end, Walter is trying to follow up on paperwork and the band-folk says that he just spoke to the record company won't let them sign until they see the video. If they want to review paperwork via lawyers, that's understandable (although it should have been taken care of before the shoot). But, why would we put our time in to record the video, turn it into a show, and prep it for broadcast if there is a chance they won't approve it.

I pulled Walter aside and recommended he drop the show from the list completely. He told me they just wanted to review paperwork (not the actual video), but I'm not convinced. I'm positive I heard otherwise. Walter assured me he won't let them see the video w/o the finished paperwork.

I'm a bit peeved because I feel like I just wasted four hours of my time (five if you consider the commute). I hope that I'm wrong (and Walter's right), but...

We'll see.

As an aside: I'm not sure why the web site for Paul's band is hanging right now (but I'm going to assume its a temporary thing).