December 13th, I ordered a Tracfone based on a recommendation of a friend.

I got sent an e-mail receipt and waited. And waited. I called roughly two weeks ago (a month after I placed the order) and was told the order hadn't shipped yet. I asked why, they said they would escalate it and get back to me. They never did.

I called back today and was told the order was cancelled because the phone was on back order for more than a month. Why wasn't I notified? That's a serious customer service snafu.

I was told I wasn't notified because they don't do that. It's in their terms and conditions. Well, I checked the terms and conditions listed on the site and it is not actually listed in them.

I'm a bit miffed because the deal I ordered under no longer exists, so now I have to buy the service and the phone (instead of just the phone).

Is it worth it to save an estimated $400 a year. I'll probably give it another attempt...

Update 2/5/08:

Some people had posted the the personal number of Fredrick Pollak, the CEO of tracfone to this blog. Tracfone's in-house legal counsel contacted me to ask if I would remove the number. After discussions with my own legal counsel, we decided to comply. All comments with said number have been deleted. Tracfone representatives also asked me to say this on their behalf:

view plain print about
1If you have an issue with TracFone that you cannot get resolved quickly and efficiently, call the Corporate Headquarters, Executive Resolutions Dept at 1-800-876-5753 and these specially trained agents will gladly assist you until your matter is resolved.

I invited them to post this information themselves as a comment, but in case they decide not to, there it is.