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Tracfone Problems

December 13th, I ordered a Tracfone based on a recommendation of a friend.

I got sent an e-mail receipt and waited. And waited. I called roughly two weeks ago (a month after I placed the order) and was told the order hadn't shipped yet. I asked why, they said they would escalate it and get back to me. They never did.

I called back today and was told the order was cancelled because the phone was on back order for more than a month. Why wasn't I notified? That's a serious customer service snafu.

I was told I wasn't notified because they don't do that. It's in their terms and conditions. Well, I checked the terms and conditions listed on the site and it is not actually listed in them.

I'm a bit miffed because the deal I ordered under no longer exists, so now I have to buy the service and the phone (instead of just the phone).

Is it worth it to save an estimated $400 a year. I'll probably give it another attempt...

Update 2/5/08:

Some people had posted the the personal number of Fredrick Pollak, the CEO of tracfone to this blog. Tracfone's in-house legal counsel contacted me to ask if I would remove the number. After discussions with my own legal counsel, we decided to comply. All comments with said number have been deleted. Tracfone representatives also asked me to say this on their behalf:

If you have an issue with TracFone that you cannot get resolved quickly and efficiently, call the Corporate Headquarters, Executive Resolutions Dept at 1-800-876-5753 and these specially trained agents will gladly assist you until your matter is resolved.

I invited them to post this information themselves as a comment, but in case they decide not to, there it is.

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Ian's Gravatar I just got rid of my Tracfone. I had decent service out of them on my phone, but my wife's phone was a completely different story. I had to spend more hours than I care to count dealing with them just to get her phone number transfered from her old Tracfone to her new one. Then we found out a year later that they didn't really fix the problem, they only delayed it a year and she was going to lose her phone number that she'd had for 7 years!

This is a very 'abridged' version of the story, but needless to say they lost 2 customers that day. I will never go back. Especially now that I found out that they are dealing with lawsuits and still treating customers like crap.

This is the second prepaid fiasco I've dealt with, so I'm even done with that deal. We got a regular service set up in less than 3 hours and have had no problems at all. Even when I decided I didn't like the phone I ended up with, they exchanged it with no questions and a smile!
# Posted By Ian | 3/19/07 4:37 PM
rep's Gravatar hey if you want good service treat reps nicely, i work for tracfone, the company is a ripoff yes, no going around that, but if you are nice to a rep most of the times they will ignore the rules to fix the issue, and LEARN TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS
# Posted By rep | 6/19/07 2:10 PM
Al Gavenas's Gravatar Earlier this year, I purchased a cell phone from "Tracfone Inc.". This cell phone was purchased on a special promotional offer that included the cell phone and 600 minutes of pre-paid air time. After using approximately 75 minutes of air time over a period of time, the cell phone became defective..

I called their "1-800-867-7183" number and they took down the info and sent me another "reconditioned" cell phone which I got within about 3 days. Enclosed with the new "reconditioned" phone was a pre-addressed bag that I used to send in the old defective phone.

When I tried to activate the new "reconditioned" cell phone they "Mickey Moused" around and tried to get me to accept lesser air time. First it was 250 minutes, then it was 300 then 400 then back to 200. I kept telling them that I would not settle for any less than 500 air time minutes.
They then told me that I would have to wait 2 weeks as they would have to check with another department and that I would have to call their "1-800-867-7183" at that time,

I waited the time and finally got back to them after 2 and a half weeks. Now they will only offer me 350 air time minutes. I told them that this was NOT ACCEPTABLE and we went round and round about this with me being put on hold numerous times over about a 2 hour period of time

Now they want me to wait another 2 weeks again before I fear they are going to use the same routine to try to get me to accept lesser air time than the 500 minutes that I feel I paid for and am entitled to.
# Posted By Al Gavenas | 7/19/07 4:10 AM
rick's Gravatar My opinion of Tracfone; the coverage is good in the USA, I have been able to use my Tracfone in the middle of nowhere and make a connection. That's all the good I have to say about it, the customer service is lousy, beyond lousy actually and you will be lucky if you get a rep who can actually speak English cleary. Before I bought a new Tracfone to upgrade from my old one I called customer service to make sure I could port my current number to a certain model phone and was told yes. So I went and bought the phone and called the next day and was told no I could not. And besides lousy customer service, Tracfone's rates are higher per minute than other carrier's.
# Posted By rick | 8/25/07 10:18 AM
Rep's Gravatar Hello. I'm a Tracfone and Net10 Rep and I really would like to adviced to all these angry customers: DO NOT BUY TRACFONE AND NOT EVEN NET10. They're bullshit. The phones have no solveable problems. We, Reps are obliged to follow RIDICULOUS scripts and also APOLOGIZE and even say THERE'S NOTHING THAT I CAN DO.
# Posted By Rep | 9/3/07 10:59 PM
RepBUENOS AIRES's Gravatar For example in the call center in Bolivia, the Reps work 12 hrs with a 20 minutes BREAK the wholE day. Do you think that a person can solve problems working like that?? That is what a couple of Americans do in South America. In Buenos Aires, we work 6 hours a day with a 30 minutes BREAK. They impose hundreds of RIDICULOUS rules. have you ever asked before why a Rep always says ACTUALLY, NO every two seconds or to every questions???
# Posted By RepBUENOS AIRES | 9/3/07 11:05 PM
RepBUENOS AIRES's Gravatar Have you ever requested a SUPERVISOR?? They are not really sups. They're other REPS chosen to answer calls like Tech Support. They have not even a training to deal with customers. They have no scripts, no american accent, nothing. IT'S ALL A LIE IN THE 10 CALL CENTERS. We are localed in ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, GUATEMALA, THE PHILLIPINES, BELIZA, GUYANA AND COLOMBIA
# Posted By RepBUENOS AIRES | 9/3/07 11:34 PM
jack rushoe's Gravatar I bought a tracfone about 3 yrs ago and I had no problem with it untill
lately. I used to be able to get service any where,but this year my phone
just seems to loose service. I am a civil war reenactor and I bought a
phone so I could in contact with people. This year my phone just goes
to no service so I can not use it and I was not more than 100 yds from a
tower two weeks ago.I was so mad I darn near smashed the thing. I have
248 units left on the phone (which is now only good for local calls) then
I am going to get rid of it,I do not know what happened but it sure
sucks.There are other members in my unit that bought a phone on my
recommendation and their phone does the same thing. I hope they get
tired of all the bitching and get it straightend out before I use my units up
# Posted By jack rushoe | 9/9/07 1:46 PM
Al Gavenas's Gravatar What you need to do when you have trouble with Tracfone is file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Florida.
I know most of you don't think much BBB and neither did I but it was a last resort thing with me. I could not believe how fast I got a responce from them. My problem was that I had a phone that went bad with over 500 minutes of air time left on it. When Trackfone gave me a rebuilt phone to replace the bad phone they Micky Moused around and tried to get me to accept first 200 then 300 minutes of air time. After more than two weeks of trying to get them to give me the more than 500 minutes of air I felt I had coming I contacted BBB and within 3 days Trackfone called and restored 610 minutes of air time to my reconditioned phone that works fine now. I know you people don't have much faith in BBB but it worked for me. Try it it just might work for you also. All it cost is your time to file the E-mail complaint.
# Posted By Al Gavenas | 9/10/07 3:03 AM
R simet's Gravatar I was told that my both V60i phones (Old Tech.) HAD to be upgraded with new Tech. phones AND because they were flip phone THEY WOULD BE REPLACED with flip phones by two different tracfone reps.
What they sent was 1and the other was not. When I called and tried to correct the ERROR (THEIRS) I was told that!
1. They cannot replace it because one was already shipped? Even if it was wrong and not what they were supposed to ship?
2. The two reps I spoke to were wrong?
3. I was on hold on and off for (mostly on several times each time for a longer period) for 55 minutes while he tried? To find a supervisor?
4. I asked where he was said North America, "me" Where in North America?, "him" Belesse?, "me" where is that?, "him" Central America????
5. When I asked where the corp. Head Quarters was located he said Florida, I requested a phone number he said he didn't know it?
6. After going around and around and around many times I gave up.
After recommending an getting over 10 or 15 people to go with "them" It WILL BE A COLD DAY IN ?? you know where before I ever recommend them to any more friends and family!
I Hope this gets back to them
I spent most of my life servicing the public in two or three jobs (60 years) and know and practiced CUSTOMER SERVICE. The above is not the way it was.
Or is the way they operate
# Posted By R simet | 10/1/07 2:12 PM
REP's Gravatar Dear R simet: You really suck. The way you write. There are more than 100 countries in America. We, Tracfone people are also Americans.
From Argentina to Canada. You American people get what you deserve.
You cannot even speak two languages.
Your service provider is an American company.
If you change tour mind you can get something better...
# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:46 AM
REP's Gravatar Learn to listen and you will get the best service... that is the key...
So esasy, so easy, tan facil, tan facil jajajajaja
# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:48 AM
REP's Gravatar Remember that when you are calling and shouting and asking for a
supervisor or shouting or crying WE ARE LAUGHING...
# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:51 AM
CHUCK RIPPLINGER's Gravatar I just completed the process of "adding minutes" to my Tracfone. There had been a previous promotion for their Insider Club whereby I was to receive a twenty minute BONUS for subscribing. The confirming e-mail never arrived, and my time was expiring at MIDNIGHT. Called Customer Service and was transferred to the "Value Plan" Department. I received a courteous, satisfactory resolution including the ADDING OF MINUTES, ADDING A BONUS CODE, & ADDING OF A FURTHER 20 MINUTE COURTESY BONUS in recognition of theproblem they had created.

KUDOS to Sergio!
# Posted By CHUCK RIPPLINGER | 10/6/07 6:15 PM
Madeline Steeley's Gravatar Well since I see here the reps think they are invincable perhaps it is time to make sure thier boss see's how they feel with print outs of thier comments to the BBB, Florida State Attorney General, Montana State Auditor, the congressional commision currently reviewing cell phone companies and how the cunsumer can better be protected. In addition, have taken the liberty of mainstreaming your comments on the web. Just figure the more people that read them, the more likely some blood sucking greedy attorney will take this up and show Tracfone that it might be less expensive afterall to move thier operations back to the USA. Since several companies are already reviewing these options - why not Tracfone - would be a great way to boost thier immage and would relieve you poor, overstressed, people of the burden of dealing with the people of the USA. Thanks for listing the countries as well, plan to put a bug in a couple congressional ears about our "charitable" contributions both our house and the UN. He who laughs last laughs best!
# Posted By Madeline Steeley | 10/16/07 2:06 AM
Friz's Gravatar I got a phone from Tracfone, activated it, got the 20 minutes ok. Later got an E-mail with an offer of 60 additional minutes when I purchased a 60 minute airtime card.
Went throught the activation, everything went through, but no display on the phone of minutes or expiration date.
Have spent hours on phone to t/s, no results. Several E-mails, still no resolution.
You may save money on the purchase of the crappy little $15 phone, but you will waste it later.
I have had a T-mobile prepaid for 2 years, and have had no problems and their tech support always solved the problem
# Posted By Friz | 10/18/07 12:14 AM
david's Gravatar Unfortunately, I purchased a Tracfone June, 2007 as a way to save money on my monthly cell phone bill. The first phone they sent me stopped working after only 3 weeks. Since that was the only phone that I owned, I purchased another Tracfone from WalMart so that they could transfer over the minutes. When I contacted customer service, they told me that they could transfer the minutes but could not refund the money I paid for it because I didnt send it to them prior to buying a replacement phone at the store. I had also purchased 600 minutes of airtime with a bonus that automatically DOUBLED any minutes that I would buy in the future. When I added 400 minutes yesterday, it did not double. I contacted their customer service department which made me think its located somewhere in India, they said that I had NEVER bought a double minutes card and that they could not do anything because I had trasferred the service to another phone. I was put on hold so many times I lost count. Then I spoke to a supervisor who stated he would provide a refund for the 400 minutes I had purchased. When he placed me on hold, I was hung up on. What is going on with this company???
# Posted By david | 10/18/07 1:23 AM
Rep.'s Gravatar I work for tracfone, and its a good service, its just that there are things that are out from our hands, I was reading about the customer that purchased the phone and got defective and we sent another one and is not getting units at all, its just that we need to get in touch with another department thats called LOSS PREVENTION, to find out about the minutes, its not that we donot want to add the airtime is just that we need to call them for authorization, im really sorry about you getting all this trouble with the company, but as the other rep. wrote, if you are nice to us, we will do our best to solve the problem, trust us!!!
# Posted By Rep. | 10/24/07 10:22 AM
polyglot's Gravatar My comment is for "Rep"...if you indeed are a TracFone representative, which is questionable. First, the call centers that I have read are clients of TracFone all provide call monitoring and state their goal as one-call resolution. While I do not doubt that many "employees" such as yourself abuse customers and violate call center paradigms, the likelihood that you will (a) be caught and (b) be fired is very high. Second, I find it laughable that you would comment on the writing abilities of those who posted other comments--particularly considering I have yet to see you type anything more than a run-on sentence punctuated with numerous commas. Finally, if you indeed are from a country other than the United States of America, you would be familiar with the fact that the term "American" is widely accepted as meaning "from the United States." Or, in Spanish (since you claim fluency), the term would be Estadounidense. But, then, you made a generalization that "Americans" don't speak more than one language. However, what you describe is a fallacy as this country has opened its borders to counteless immigrants since it's founding. I, for example, am fluent in 9 languages other than English. Going back to the original point of this forum, which is TracFone Problems, you have little to brag about when commenting that you knowingly participate in call-center abuses. And, I sincerely doubt you will glean much pity from those who post comments in this forum regarding your alleged poor work conditions (the 10 call centers you mentioned, though did not state names for, are actually required by international law to provide quality work environments and conditions. If what you are typing has any merit whatsoever, and you are really only permitted one 20- or 30-minute break per 12-hour shift and are still working at that call-center, then I find it highly ironic that you question the intelligence of TracFone customers calling in with legitimate concerns yet you are remaining at a slip-shod place of employment. Que mala suerte...but the ignorance is actually on your part. Ciao.
# Posted By polyglot | 10/24/07 3:37 PM
Dissatisfied Customer's Gravatar DON"T SIGN ON TO TRACFONE!

Lesson learned the hard way. They get your money, give you mediocre cell service and lousy customer service. But they sure are nice as they are being lousy. They act like they are working to settle your issue, but just give you the runaround and put you on hold to talk to their "supervisor" and after a half hour, tell you they can't do anything. Wow, couldn't you have just said that during the first minute and saved everyone wasted time? Hello consumer complaints forms on the web. Hello BBB in Florida. Goodbye Tracfone.

# Posted By Dissatisfied Customer | 11/16/07 9:30 PM
V's Gravatar I am a long time user of Tracfone prepaid - 4 years no problem until now. PLEASE READ.....
I recently went to buy more airtime minutes on-line. A message came on the screen stating my current NOIKA phone would soon be obsolete. They would provide me
with a new digital phone at no charge and my minutes would then be transferred over to new phone upon receipt.
Within 3 days I received my new phone from Tracfone in Ohio. I called the 1-800-867-7183 and was told that they were having technical difficulties and I would have
to call back in 3 days. WOW, some serious technical problems! Well I tried back the next day and they could not get my minutes transferred over due to "technical
problems"! OK, I'm starting to get ticked-off now~ Well, while I am on with the 3rd Tracfone rep, I ask where they are located, she tells me Belize. She then tells me
that I need to hold for 3 minutes while she talks to a supervisor. Okay, next she tells me that she needs my name, home phone and birthdate. NOW, I am concerned.
I refused to give her my birthdate and she disconnected me! I call back and the guy tells me they cannot activate my new phone for some reason - remember this is my
free one they sent via DHL express mail to my home. What the heck is going on with Tracfone? Now I have 2 tracfones that don't work! Minutes due to expire today!!!
# Posted By V | 11/21/07 1:27 PM
Julie timmons's Gravatar I am going through the same "upgrade" which is actually a DOWNGRADE in service. After approx 3 hours on the phone with various staff I thought th phone was good to go but just found I cannot retrieve VM's and although I followed the instructions for setting up the VM there is absolutely NO info on HOW to retrieve messages and when I go through their website ("Contact us") nothing happens, their email doesn't even work. I don't feel like calling them again. TMobile, hre I come.
# Posted By Julie timmons | 11/24/07 1:25 PM
Troy's Gravatar My Verizon account will be up soon so I thought I may try Tracfone. But, after reading everyones complaints I am going to use US Cellular....Nominated by JD Powers Assoc.
# Posted By Troy | 11/25/07 9:02 PM
Todd Womack's Gravatar When adding minutes to your Tracfone or just wishing to talk to a customer service represenitive it would be wise to have someone that speaks whatever language that is used in India. Tracfone has ripped me off on numerous minutes, as I signed up 2 buddies in which i was to receive 400 minutes, I had the double minute plan that I rareley received & the list goes on & on.
# Posted By Todd Womack | 12/2/07 3:49 PM
qualfon's Gravatar I work as a Tracfone rep in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I totally understand
your frustration towards the company, the service they provide is
extremely bad... However, i think you´re also very unfair when you
say our english is bad... Most of the customers just don´t even want to
listen what we have to say. Millions of times i would just say: "THANK YOU
YOU TODAY?" And the cust would reply: "I WANT TO SPEAK WITH
SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS IN ENGLISH" And when i rephrased what cust had
just said(yes, we have to rephrase EVERYTHING you say) and asked cust
a few questions in order to transfer the call, cust understood EVERYTHING
PERFECTLY!!! So, come on!
And "polyglot", America is a whole continent, not just your country...
and it is true that we only have 20 minutes of break, and yes, we work
under awful conditions... just in case you haven´t noticed... we need
the money.
# Posted By qualfon | 12/9/07 9:10 PM
NK's Gravatar This is for the tracfone reps that are writing. Although you may speak English it is very clear that it is not a first language for you. So you may think that you are fluent you do not fully comprehend issues when they are explained to you. It is also very irritating to have you repeat everything we say!!!!!! I have been a tracfone customer for over 2 years and decided to order a new phone when there was a special offered. The phone did not come. It took 2 months!!!! of constant phone calls and repeatingmyself again and again and again to finally recieve the phone. They offered me 20 units as a consolation and if I call and beg I might get up to 50 units. That is not goodcustomer service. I was forced to spend hours on the phone because of tracfone's incompetence and all I could get was people reading scripts to me. The reps apologizednumerous times but no one took responsibility for two months
to make sure that the mistake was corrected. Maybe if you apologized less and actually tried to solve the customers problem,(free minutes for the aggravation would not hurt) you would have happy customers and no one would care where the reps are from. I start out talking nicely, but by the fourth or fifth phone call my patience is gone! If issues were resolved in one short phone call you probably would have less irate callers.
# Posted By NK | 12/11/07 7:18 AM
Debra Davenport's Gravatar I am in a position of taking care of my father 3 days a week in Mass who is dying of cancer. I live in Maine. I drive 3 and a half hours back and forth by myself. My son gave me his old tracfone. I purchaced a year to have the privlige of having the same phone number for $99.99. I had to get the ISN # from inside the phone. I called the # on the reciept and did what the macanical vioce told me to do. I had thought that my phone would receive the units and phone # with in a short time over the tracfone. This did not happen. When I got out of work I called the same # and spoke with a foreign humon voice. I rechecked the ISN# and found that I had programed the last digit wrong. The voice on the other end told me there was nothing he could do< Oh I sorry anything else I can do? . I do know that if I had accidently put my $ in another bank account the bank would rectify the mistake. I have contacted the Better Bussiness Bureau of Maine. I was given phone # for Office of Consumer Affairs and Florida Attorney General Office. The girl I spoke with from B B of M said the company is out of Florida. I am definatly following though on this! Debbi D.
# Posted By Debra Davenport | 12/12/07 11:52 AM
Tracman's Gravatar For all those reading the posts here keep this in mind; for every ten disgruntled tracfone users there is likely 1000 very happy tracfone users. I have been using tracfone for many years now. I have seen the cost per minute drop drastically in that time. I now have 6 tracfones activated for myself and my family. I also activate at least 3-4 phones a week using the tracfone website and haven't had an issue in doing so in the last 6 months. In the very few instances that I have had to contact customer service I have always accoplished what I was after. And with little to no hassle. Many people here need to accept the fact that we are now living in a much bigger world now than 10 years ago. If you can't accept having to talk to a csr in a different country, then maybe you need to also rethink your cell phone choice? The owner of Tracfone is in Mexico.
I keep my cost on tracfone down to 5-7 cents per minute. I do this by taking advantage of the bundled deals they offer on their website and promo codes. Compare that to what many people pay for contract plans and it's a sweet deal! Many people use way less minutes than what their contract plan allows, which then bring the REAL cost per minuter much higher than my 5-7 cents! Not all people, but many.
Tracfone uses the same towers as many major cell carriers. There is NO roaming charges on tracfone. It is a fact that tracfone offers the best coverage overall in the USA.
BTW. I am a born and raised USA citizen with no connection to tracfone. I am just doing my part to help people who happen to look in here make a more informed decision.
# Posted By Tracman | 12/12/07 5:18 PM
qualfon Rep's Gravatar when i apologize to a customer, i really mean it... things would also be soo much easier for us
if we could just offer you 500 minutes everytime sth went wrong with your Tracfone.. However, we can not give any free minutes unless a supervisor authorizes it.
Sometimes there is really nothing we can do about the problem you are having, eventhough we want to.
I honestly apologize for all the inconveniences you have with these phones... and i wish i could do more than just apologize in some cases.
# Posted By qualfon Rep | 12/14/07 9:02 PM
Lynn's Gravatar How do I get the current date on my display screen?
I have called 7 times talked to two managers and they all said there is no way
to get the current date on my display screen. They are stating that ONLY the exp
the expiration date and units and current time can be displayed. Somehow
I got the expiration date taken off, now I just want the current date
Can anyone help me?? Thanks!
# Posted By Lynn | 12/15/07 10:21 AM
Lynn's Gravatar I have a V170 Motorola phone from tracfone. Forgot to mention that. from my message above.
# Posted By Lynn | 12/15/07 10:34 AM
Jack Haiken's Gravatar I have, I hope, the cheapest nokia phone and tracfone. I've had no
problems. Coming back from Bermuda this is the only cell phone that
worked. I did misplace it a year ago and bought a new one. I placed the
new one down ontop of the old one! I lost the phone at my daughters
house. She called me that she had it. I went there and she couldn't find
it. Reading these things I do not know what to do. Thanks for all the
# Posted By Jack Haiken | 12/23/07 2:53 PM
David's Gravatar I got 50 minutes free on buying 200+ minutes from <a href="; store through by using coupon code "59673"......!
# Posted By David | 12/24/07 6:30 AM
Van's Gravatar Tracfone has the worst customer service on the planet. I brought a tracfone over 2 years ago and had no problems. Then just last week, I brought a new phone after the old one became inoperable. A very big mistake on my part. It took 3 long, tiring calls to their 800 number just to get activated. The first women I spoke to spoke English but it was a version that I had never heard. She also didn't know what the hell she was doing. Anyway, after I finally got the phone activated, I found that I could not send or receive text messages. Another round of calls and still my problem is unsolved. Tracfone can go to hell as far as i'm concerned. I'll never fool with them again, and I will advice anyone to run, not walk, from Tracfone, the sorry bastards...
# Posted By Van | 12/24/07 8:20 AM
Debra Davenport's Gravatar I would like to say Thank you for the help I recieved. We played phone tag for a couple of weeks and I was becoming frustrated. But Trachone reached me yesturday and I was able to recieve my 1 year service and the units. I still have to travel every weekend, but now I will feel confident that if anything was to happen I will be able to reach family. Alot of winter snowstorms and highway driving is ahead of me. Thank you agian.
# Posted By Debra Davenport | 12/27/07 12:12 PM
Lynn's Gravatar After spending close to 4 hours with tracfone and couldn't get any results,
finally figured out how to just put the date and time on the main screen.
I called Mr. Pollack that someone had listed and he was out but did call me at
9:30 P.M. and was very sorry that I got such rude people. Then another man
called from management and gave my husband 60 units more for all the trouble.
The next day I bought myself a newer tracfone and wanted to transfer my
number and units from old phone to new phone. This time it was so very
easy. I just asked the people to speak up and to "please" speak slower so I
can understand them. BUT the man said it would be 72 hours for the new
tracfone to be activated I said I really want it now. So I had to settle for a
new phone number (which didn't bother me at all) and for the inconvience
they gave me 200 units and 2 more months added to my 1 year service.

I am very pleased that people called back and we got everything resolved.
# Posted By Lynn | 12/27/07 4:03 PM
April Dennis's Gravatar Check out for tips on how to get the cheapest tracfone service, free tracfones and bonus minute codes.
# Posted By April Dennis | 12/28/07 7:15 PM
Fred Baker's Gravatar I have had major problems with Tracfone trying to buy and add minutes to my phone. I called them and was hung up on twice. I switched to Virgin Mobile and have had much better service with them and no more problems.
# Posted By Fred Baker | 12/29/07 7:41 AM
Terry's Gravatar UNREAL--PRAY YOU NEVER HAVE A PROBLEM-----I ordered a phone online with min's. $85.00 They shipped it and i was not here to sign for it. I have called six time so far
each time the tech who can't speak english has asked a question, puts me on hold to talk to a manager, this goes on and on... Each time I'm told the money has been or
will be refunded. As I write I'm on hold..................................I wish I had read this site before I put my credit card numer into their web site,,,,,
# Posted By Terry | 1/6/08 10:16 AM
Terry's Gravatar I JUST COULD NOT LET IT DROP------ I read every post. It’s real sad that a company would take advantage of loose labor laws to make money. I wish we could require a company to provide breaks and lunch before they were allowed to sell a product in the US.
I have been told three times now that I will be refunded and given 3 different amounts of time. The last call I was told I would be refunded in 2 days. As I asked more questions and just as nice as I could I explained I have been told this over and over, I was told that the confirmation number I provided they could not find in there system.. This was said after I was told I was going to receive a refund??? I was reading the number right from the email tracfone sent to me. The phone was shipped, and returned because no one was here to sign for it.. I asked, how simple was this? I order a phone, you send fed-ex, I'm not home 8-5 to sign for it and it goes back. They should not even have taken the money from my account until I had the phone.... Seems that should be a law..
I'm going to contact the Florida BBB Monday morning and I'm going to file a complaint with Master Card. I can't understand how a company this large would let itself fail to such an extreme in the area of customer service.
I have done all this reading and writing while on hold so the customer service can “talk to his supervisor”. Again, and again, and again…………………..
# Posted By Terry | 1/6/08 11:00 AM
Brenda's Gravatar I certainly wish that I had found this website before I tried to reactivate my cell phone with Tracfone! WHAT A POOR EXCUSE FOR A BUSINESS! Originally when I activated my phone about 2 years ago, it was a breeze. Had it up and running in about 30 minutes. This time a totally different story. I encountered many of the same problems that I have read about here ......being put on hold endlessly while "I talk to my supervisor", asking questions of the reps and never getting a straight answer, could not tell me why my cell phone was not working, telling me that they would reinstate my minutes and then not doing it, the phone connection was horrible, and, of course, could not understand what they were saying half the time, etc. etc. etc. Over the last 2 days I have been on the phone with Tracfone for four (4) hours and still nothing has been accomplished. Finally today, after being asked to call back tomorrow, I requested that they just refund my money. Even though I was given a refund confirmation number I will definitely call my credit card company tomorrow to stop payment on their charges. Well, I am off to check out other blogs for other cell phone companies in hopes that I may find one that is located in the good ol USA!
# Posted By Brenda | 1/6/08 6:44 PM
Frustrated Mother's Gravatar Oh, the frustration! We purchased our son a tracfone a couple of years ago and it was starting to deteriate from use, so for Christmas this year we bought him a new one. Now I have spent over a week trying to get his phone number to transfer to the new telephone, just so we can activate the new telephone. I was initially told to call back in 24 hours; (I had called in Sunday evening); I then called back on Tuesday afternoon and was told to call back in 4 hours (I got busy and didn't have time); so then I called back on Wednesday morning and was told to call back in 48 hours. At that point I asked for a "supervisor" and of course there was no satisfactory resolution; I then called back on Thursday afternoon; then on Friday afternoon where I was told something about cell phone or tower was trying to configure itself (?) and of course I was to call back. I called on Staruday afternoon and was told to call back in 24-48 hours; I then called back today (Monday) and guess what I was told to check back in FIVE DAYS! I guess it normally would take a week to transfer a phone number (what? what happened to the 24-48 hours?). NOW their telling me it takes TWO WEEKS. Unfortunately, the rep had to put up we my nicely phrased rant about customer service. This unbelieveable. Now my son is without a phone...he drives to school in the Iowa winter, hmmm, I would feel much better if he had the security of a cell phone. My "as a parent" concerns get me know where and all that I can rely on is the typical "we are working to resolve this issue". I guess we should have just taken the new phone number and ran, especially with the additional 200 minutes they were going to throw in if we activated a new phone number. I'm so glad my daughter decided AGAINST trading her tracfone for a new one. I have to wonder if the problem is even being worked on. I have never encountered such an unfriendly company in terms of providing prompt and good service to their customers with relation to what I am trying to accomplish here. I am quite disappointed and frustrated none the less.
# Posted By Frustrated Mother | 1/7/08 12:28 PM
rob's Gravatar it doesnt help anything when you call tracfones 800 # and get the phillipines or another foriegn country.The phone connection is always terrible even from a
a land line
# Posted By rob | 1/8/08 9:54 PM
rob's Gravatar id like to respond to the rep that said there are 100 countries in america. i realize now what the problem
is at tracfone. the reps are uneducated. first there are 50 states in america . r language is english.
and we"ll be laughing at you when tracfone goes out of business and u r unemployed. it doesnt matter if
u speak two or more languages if u r a moron like yourself . if YOU WANT TO TALK TO AMERICANS WHEN
# Posted By rob | 1/8/08 10:23 PM
wayne's Gravatar I have been a Tracfone customer for over 7 years and until recently, a fairly satisfied customer. However, the upgrade process to a new phone has completely changed
my perception of Tracfone. True customer service does not exist for this company. They cannot get the new phone to work, cannot tell you why it won't work, ask you
a million questions (some I regret answering), don't seem to really understand the problem, obviously read from a script that doesn't even flow with the problem resolution,
and will put you off endless times with directions to wait another 24 to 48 hours and try the phone again. I have been on the phone with customer service four times over
this one issue and have not been helped. I have also tried the email route with "technical support" with the same results. The answers given by "technical support" are
very similar to the customer service anwers (coincidence?).This is by far the most frustrating experience I have encountered with any business, large or small. After
reading this blog, it is obvious that I have a lot of company with people frustrated over Tracfone. If something doesn't change soon, Tracfone will certainly lose a
substantial amount of business in the not too distant future. There are certainly many other services out there who are eager to take on new customers like me.
# Posted By wayne | 1/9/08 1:10 PM
j4fun's Gravatar I too have been a tracfone customer for several years. Recently when I added time to my old phone I was informed I could no
longer add time to that phone and Tracfone would be sending me an upgraded phone. I called them and said DO NOT SEND
me a phone I will purchase one with the features I want. I purchased 2, one for me and one for my wife. She went out of
town for 2 weeks and had no service. It took me 1 month to get her the service compairable to what she had with the
previous phone. I, on the other hand, have not been able to get the correct service I need to use the phone. I have received
several phones from Tracfone and they are all the incorrect model phone. I am done with Tracfone!
# Posted By j4fun | 1/11/08 3:11 PM
Onederer's Gravatar I've gone through the whole gamut with TracFone. Getting hung up on. Their failure to provide proper explanations, Failure to make things happen. Being held on the telephone for more than two hours. Getting BS on bogus promotions seen in emails, and on the Web Site. Not being able to get through on the telephone. Frequently broken Web Site (as I'm writing this). Being given bogus FAX numbers. Not being able to understand their terrible English. Need I go on??
Also, they sold me a Motorola C261. It is a color phone with camera, speakerfone, and vibrator. Now, this phone has a lot more capabilities. But Tracfone has disabled most of them. The browser only allows me to go to THEIR Web Site, for THEIR STORE, OR THEIR NEWS, OR THEIR SPORTS, and THEIR WEATHER, AND ONLY THEIR RING TONES. Chat is disabled, and so is the capbility to get email that's sent by a computer. Basically, the only thing that I can do with this phone is SMS messaging, and Voice communication. Do you call that good service?? It's just as if their computer equipment is too primitive to be able to handle modern services. It's either that, or they are just not smart enough to bring their equipment and services up-to-date.
# Posted By Onederer | 1/13/08 1:26 AM
anon e mouse's Gravatar I've had it with TracFone and the crappy upgrade program they scammed.
I've had two phones sent out but dealing with customer service has been
a hassle to try to get the phones activated. First I was told that my old
number was no longer valid but in order to transfer info I'd have to reactivate
the old number. WTF? No amount of explaining helped. Then I was told I
had the wrong sim card for my area. WTF? I've sent them an e-mail stating
I was packing up the phone to send back to them and that I plan on filing a
complaint with my state's BBB & Atty General's office as well as with the BBB &
Atty Gen'l's office in TracFone's corporate state (FL). I will say that the
first customer service rep was very pleasant even if I had difficulty understanding
her. The second one sounded totally bored.
# Posted By anon e mouse | 1/14/08 7:27 PM
Bonnie Sheppard's Gravatar I have had a tracfone for several years and hadn't had a problem until Christmas. I purchased 200 minutes and never received them and after several calls to someone who did not speak English with an American accent my problem was still unresolved. That was $50.00 I don't have. That is like throwing a fifty dollar bill out the window. I don't know how many people can afford to do that, I can't. I am so PISSED tha I have warned people and told them what happened to me. I bought a Go Phone and love it I can talk to my sisters for FREE!!!!!!
# Posted By Bonnie Sheppard | 1/15/08 8:18 PM
Judi Priest's Gravatar I HAD a Tracfone for a really long time w/o any significant issues until this past week.
I called them to ask if I could transfer my Number from my old broken phone to a new upgraded phone along with my minutes/units?
They said YES. So, I went to Walmart bought a new phone for $49.00 and proceed to call them to begin the process.
They asked my s/n of the old phone and the s/n of the new phone.....I gave it to them - I watched 701.0 units disappear from my old
phone but they never appeared on the new phone?! I asked him why the minutes did not get to the new phone? He said 72 hours (which
is there standard jibe). So I waited, no units. I called the 800 number again and they told me that there was no record of me having any units
to transfer................I told them I have a receipt........they said their computer shows no units to transfer.......and kept repeating that for an hour!
So, now I have a new phone and spent $148.32 for units that they say do not exist!!!
I am done with them!!!!
# Posted By Judi Priest | 1/16/08 11:17 AM
Bamamiss's Gravatar I have had a Tracfone also for several years with no problems of adding minutes until this week. I tried to switch to one of the Value plans over the internet and had an error message to call the 800#. The error was that their program would change my town name and add a different town to my zip code. The town that the program added has not had a post office/zip for over 4 years and is a rural rt of my town. I called the 800# and tried to speak to 3 different reps without them understanding the problem. I finally decided to buy an air time card and tried to do it on line. Still no go. I called one more time (800-876-5753) and got a rep that spoke very well. She tried to place the order and kept getting an refusal for my credit card. I tried to explain to her that their zip code data base has an error. Our county just went to E911 and all the address have been updated. Some how their program is keying in a town that does not have a post office. After trying 3 time with one card we tried another card and still was denied. She then offered to place a conference call to my credit card companies. The first card company had honored all three. We got them to remove all charges. Then we called the other card company and they had approved the charge also. Then we tried the 1st card one more time. Did not go thru. The Tracfone bank had not accepted the okay from either credit card company and I had been charged a total of 5 times. I finally gave up. She was helpful in getting the charges removed , when she had in fact said that my card had never been charged. This morning I went to the drug store and bought a card and added minutes with no problem. I have written a letter to Tracfone. Tracfone Wireless, Inc., 8390 NW 25th St. Miami, FL 33122-1504. They really do need to get their act together and give better customer service.
# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/16/08 3:26 PM
Judi Priest's Gravatar So, Thank you Jeffry Houser for Frederick Pollak's phone number. I was at my wits end as you probably could tell by my last comment.
They called me from Miami this evening, re-activated my new phone and ported my 701.00 units plus 10 to my new upgraded phone. The lady that I spoke to asked me how I found the number for Mr. Pollak. I told her from your blog! She asked me if I had called the customer service number?
I told her several times, however, I did not write down the person's name whom I spoke to because I barely understood what he was saying. She assured me that Mr. Pollak is making some changes. I told her that I had a Tracfone since the beginning of Tracfone and was always very happy until this issue with my minutes/units. So, thanks again, Jeffry!
# Posted By Judi Priest | 1/16/08 7:55 PM
Rae's Gravatar I purchased a Tracfone (Motorola V170) to replace my previous phone that got wet and no longer functions. I have been trying to have my new phone activated and my previous number and minutes transferred to the new phone. I have been told that the phone was not scanned properly when I purchased it, so I have had to fax my receipt and serial number. I've done this 3 times to 3 different numbers and each time I call, I am told a different number. This has been going on since 12/21/07. Today I called again and once again was told they have not received my information. So I have faxed it yet again.
# Posted By Rae | 1/21/08 3:30 PM
Scott's Gravatar I have been a Tracfone customer for three years. Im am satisfied with the service from Tracfone. One time i called Tracfone on Christmas day to activate two new tracfones and transfer minutes over from our old
phones. I was on the phone with the Tracfone representatives for less than 30 minutes. Within a couple of hours both of the phones were succussfully activated with the correct amount of minutes.
# Posted By Scott | 1/24/08 6:01 PM
John's Gravatar I've had a TracFone for several years without too many problems, and what problems I've had were handled well.
Although not native English speakers, I was able to understand the help desk representatives.
Something has gone terribly wrong at TracFone in the last 9 months though. Every time I add airtime now, my
credit card is billed and the time doesn't show up. It takes many calls and many hours to get the time added.
I've had reps answer and hang up before I could even say a word. I've had the old standby putoff - "The time
will show up in 24 hours." The web site is broken, where I get the message to try again later or "Server Error."
The only thing that isn't broken, is the emails and phone messages telling me that my time is about to expire.
The actual phone service has been good, but getting the service has become more trouble than it's worth.
# Posted By John | 1/25/08 4:12 PM
Cindy's Gravatar I JUST WANT TO THANK "ROB" WHO POSTED THE TOLL FREE NUMBER FOR TRACFONE HEADQUARTERS IN MIAMI (1-800-626-4883). DUDE, YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I had been a very satisfied TracFone customer for 6 years. My trouble also started when TracFone notified me there would be a service upgrade in my area and I would have to upgrade my phone. I received a new phone at no charge but chose to buy a promotional phone which offered double minutes for the life of the phone. I made 6 calls on 5 different occasions and spent more than 5 HOURS talking to customer service representatives at 1-800-867-7183 trying to transfer minutes from my old phone and activate the new phone WITH NO RESULTS. The last rep told me someone would call within 24 hours and I waited 3 weeks without hearing from anyone. I was "disconnected" once, one of the reps struggled with her English and a "Floor Supervisor" was rude but I felt the other reps were powerless to do anything other than repeating what others had done before them. There didn't seem to be any way for the reps to refer technical problems they could not solve. However, I had a happy ending. The representative at TracFone Headquarters was able to transfer the minutes from my old phone and activate the new phone in one call that lasted exactly 23 mintues. If you are having problems, definitely try the number above--GOOD LUCK!
# Posted By Cindy | 1/29/08 2:20 PM
Bamamiss's Gravatar I wrote on 1/16/2008 that I had had trouble purchasing minutes and change of plans using the internet. Also had the same problem with customer service. I finally went to drug store and bought a card to add minutes. I received a call today from Tracfone this afternoon in regard to a letter I had sent them. They offered an apology that they were unable to help me with my zip code problem and they gave me 50 minutes of extra air time. I also explained that part of the problem was with the US Postal Service and that the USPS has made a correction in their data base that would not change my town to an alternate town for zip code address.
The customer service person was very nice and spoke fairly good English with a very heavy Spanish accent. I really recommend writing a letter to Tracfone when you have a problem that you can not resolve. They really want to give good service.
# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/29/08 5:48 PM
Bamamiss's Gravatar After thought: If anyone does write Tracfone be sure to include Tracfone number, home phone number & IME number along with you home address. They called me on my home phone as my Tracfone was turned off

TracFone Wireless Inc
8390 NW 25th St.
Miami, FL 33122-1504
# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/29/08 6:01 PM
aerwyn846's Gravatar I, too, have been a Tracfone customer for several years and have not really ever had any problems...until the switch-over this last fall! I received a new phone, which wouldn't work properly, so Tracfoen immediately sent me another one (received in 2 days). Had a little difficulty activating it, but a very helpful rep was able to help me. Fast forward to January 5 when I had to add more time and minutes. Immediately upon trying to add the time and minuters, the phone displayed "Non Registered SIM", so I called the company. 6 hours of calls later, I am due to receive my 3rd SIM card (not counting the original one) and I still have NO SERVICE!! Today was the thrid time I spoke with an agent who told me that my SIM card was the wrong one. I might add that it has been taking a week to receive my new card. (The first time I was supposed to get one, it was not even sent out. I have been patient and polite to the reps as I realize that the equipment is not their fault but I still have not received any actual service! I will no longer be a Tracfone customer, but I can't afford to lose the money I have tied up in minutes. I am very happy to read that the BBB has helped some of you. They are my next stop. And, after reading about the reps who work long hours with little break, I can not support a company that treats its' workers in susch a fashion. I feel for those reps, after all they are only trying to make a living, but the human rights part of me says "Dump Tracfone".
# Posted By aerwyn846 | 2/2/08 3:02 PM
Josh's Gravatar Tracfone is complete garbage. Do they hire the handicapped? If they can't deliver, then they should just say so. "We are incompetent, please so not call us". Done. There is some lousy customer service out there and I guess that they can be happy that they are on top of the pile. It must feel good to know that they are the masters of something, even if that something might be stupidity.
# Posted By Josh | 2/4/08 4:42 PM
Rep BsAs's Gravatar Hey Guys, remember that you are buying a 10 or 15 dollars phones, not computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are fighting to return Tracfone from Argentina to the U.S, but you will get the same service!!!!!!!!!!
The carriers will be the same!!!!
Tracfone Carriers:
Verizon Wireless
US Cellular
Dobson Cellular
Tracfone depends on these carriers. They usually disconnect the lines.
So, if the company goes back to the U.S the carriers won't change.
So sorry so sad! It doesn't happen in my country!!!!!!
# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/5/08 10:47 PM
Rep BsAs's Gravatar But anyway. Would u like to cheat Tracfone?
1 Press the menu key
2 go to prepaid
3 select Code Entry Mode
4 Enter any number in the code option 3 times and it will show invalid codes
5 The phone will show Prepaid Service Disabled
6 Call cust service, be nice, understand them, thank them
7 Ask for compensation minutes for the inconveniences...maybe 30
8 They will be very useful
# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/5/08 10:51 PM
Judi Priest's Gravatar This is for Rep BsAs, who states that we are purchasing 10 or
15 dollar phones....Mine cost me $49.00 us! And it is not
the carrier service we are all complaining about....It is the
customer service representatives that are not empowered to
do anything except read off of a scripted page! TracFone needs
to "TRAIN" their representatives and empower them to take care
of all situations that they can handle like moving units, etc.
# Posted By Judi Priest | 2/6/08 8:22 AM
bcgrumpy's Gravatar Thanks to rob.
I called the 1 800 number in miami. Hopefully things will be worked out in a day or so. I had called the customer service number they give you 5 different times. 4 in one day and they could not help. I know they are working off a computer and telling just what they know. But they only can do so much. The guy in Florida seemed to understand better and hopefully will get things worked out. If anything it seemed like he knew what the heck was going on.
# Posted By bcgrumpy | 2/6/08 9:10 PM
Stan's Gravatar Attention Snowbird Canadians!
This is a perfect example of a brain-dead US company. You cannot buy additional airtime over the web or phone because you can only use a US address and US credit card. The "customer service" (laugh here) is in India (need I say more?) therefore you are exempt from any specials that are offered.
I will attempt calling the Corporate Headquarter number posted earlier in this blog but I am not holding my breath.
# Posted By Stan | 2/11/08 1:09 PM
Betty's Gravatar We had a TracFone for 4 years with no problem until they upgraded. Now we cannot charge the battery on the phone they sent us. We have a one year service contract and 500 minutes of airtime we have not been able to use for two months. My phone calls to customer service only result in being sent a new battery - THREE times and none of them work. It is very hard to try to explain something when the person cannot speak good English and all I hear is "we will send out a new battery ma'am" or "I'll talk to my supervisor" and then get put on hold again. They also send things out DHLl which will not deliver to our area for some reason so that results in another two day delay while it goes through the USPS. I have tried to explain this problem but it is being ignored. I willl now try the FL headquarters number that has been posted here. I hope I have bestter luck with them because I am becoming very frustrated.
# Posted By Betty | 2/14/08 7:54 AM
Rep BsAs's Gravatar This is for Judi Priest:
These kind of problems should be for a 3rd world country.
I am very sorry to read all the inconveniences.
We are all prepared to help customers but you are not prepared to receive help from a different accent person. So, you will really get the service that you deserve. As I wrote before we don´t get this service in Argentina.
I agree with you when you say that we will have to be better trained because my training was for 5 days and then we were sent to take calls without knowing what a phone was. But after 2 weeks I knew how to resolve problems when somebody wanted to be helped.
Just to give you more information:
There are only 40 afternoon shift workers in BsAs. You won´t have the accent or understanding problem anymore...I am sure that it will work better with Estadounidense Reps!!!!! so sorry, so sad...
# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/14/08 11:54 PM
Grace Miller's Gravatar I recently bought a Tracfone, when I followed the directions for setting up voice mail, pressing 1 until I got a response, which was from ATT, at which point I disconnected. Should I have followed the directions, will I be charged by ATT or will I just be using my Tracfone units? Any help greatly appreciated.
# Posted By Grace Miller | 2/18/08 1:04 PM
aerwyn846's Gravatar Just an update....
I called the Resolutions number posted above. I was on the phone for less than half an hour. The rep checked the numbers of all my SIM cards and had me try one of the older ones. He took my phone number saying it would take a bit to work on the problem and he would call me back. The next day I received his call--he had programed another SIM card which he was sending to me. Well, it arrived today and I called (and got the same person), we put in a few codes and...voila!...I had service, a phone number, and extra minutes and time for my troubles. I may still change to another cell company, but I applaude the Resolutions line for giving very good service!
# Posted By aerwyn846 | 2/18/08 8:23 PM
Nancy's Gravatar When the phone purchase conversation is getting recorded, don't accept it unless all the terms are repeated during the recording. I purchased the double minute for life
when I got my phone and I haven't had problem with getting my double minutes. Today, I reallized the minutes were not doubled after the recording was finished. After
I talked to there representative about it, they came up with different excuse. First was that I had never purchased this program that the program was transferred and
it was only good for one year when it was transferred from another phone. Then when I talked to the another representative, she said that I had never gotten the double minutes because it was not transferrable. So I asked her to check the total minutes I purchased and total minutes I had talked, because it would show her that I have the double minute
on my phone and I have been getting it since I started using this phone. She then changed the story and said that the computer had an error and gave my two years of
doulbe minutes instead of one year and I had been gettting double minute free for one year. However, the double minute program has always been for life time, at least
that was the one that i was interested in. So the floor manager told me that the double minute program for one year was available two years ago and the double minute
for life was not available two years ago. The representatives also said that the card which has the double minute for life plus 800 min only has the double min for life forone year not for life. So I told them it wouldnt make any sense for one to buy minutes and double minutes together if they are paying the same for a shorter life of double
min program. Double min for life = 49.99, Double min for life (or one year according to some of them ) with 800 min was 139.99. After I was tired of arguing with them
I decided to not to ask them to reverse the purchase but just to transfer the minutes to my other phone so they could be doubled. That was not acceptable to them neither.
It seemed to me, all they care is to keep the money this time like this is the end of world. I was disappointed by their serviced. They were much much nicer when I
started using tracfone. Has anyone purchased doulbe min for one year before? Was it two years ago? As a consumer, we are the victims of these scams. Tracfone
saves money, don't send paper records although they keep them. So if the consumer dont keep print outs of the details, they can change stories whenever they want
and if the consumer dont keep a copy, they will take advantage of the consumer. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this kind of problem with double minutes.
Do anyone know if there are other options for having a cell phone without a contract?
# Posted By Nancy | 2/19/08 4:54 PM
Rep BsAs's Gravatar This is to Grace Miller:
Hello I was a BsAs Tracfone Rep. Your units will not be charged when it says
AT&T VM. That means that your carrier (tower or line) is AT&T.
You can try to set up the VM from the landline.
Just turn the phone off, call from the LLphone and then just follow the
Try to find the VM number to see if it correct. It should be on the phone.
Remember that the +sign and the number 1 should be at the beginning of
the number.
Good Luck!
# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/20/08 11:46 PM
SamSung's Gravatar PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME!!!! Why would any rational human being buy a tracfone?? Are you stupid or what? For ANYONE to put up with this rinky-dink amatuerish company is beyond belief. Some of these letters are just plain laughable!! I guess the old axiom is very true ...."there is a sucker born every minute"!

# Posted By SamSung | 2/21/08 2:18 AM
laurie's Gravatar I am another dissatisfies TracFone customer. I have had two phones and for the most part they worked well. The first one was lost and I replaced it. The second one was stolen. I have yet to get an answer on the number when I call and, to my knowledge, it has not been used, which probably means it was thrown away. My issue with the company is hteir lack of service or concern. I have called them twice because I had just purchased a double minutes card and I wanted to have that transferred to a new phone. I was told they could not do it and in the next breath the rep told me if it was a service problem with the phone they could transfer it. So, I said what you mean is you COULD transfer it but you choose not to. I told him I would like to have it noted that for this reason I would NEVER deal with tracfone again. His comment was, if that's what you need to do....

Such wonderful customer disservice...they need to be boycotted and run out of busines..
# Posted By laurie | 2/22/08 11:51 AM
naomi's Gravatar I too was a very uphappy tracfone customer. I posted on this site detailing some of my tracfone woes. I tried
calling the number someone had posted as that of the ceo and believe it or not i got through to him on the first try!
He set me up with someone in the Florida corporate headquarters, the number is also listed here and they were great!
The number is also listed here. Do not waste time on the regular customer service number. Call the one posted
in a few of the previous posts, they will be able to help you. They can transfer the double minute card when the
regular reps cannot. Again, try the Florida number, it's really amazing!
# Posted By naomi | 2/22/08 12:00 PM
bcgrumpy's Gravatar I posted on feb 6 that I tried the number in florida for corporate headquaters. It took a couple weeks to get it fixed but they did it. The man I spoke to was very helpful, like I said it took awhile but they did get my problem fixed. The customer service overseas said there was nothing they could do. So I will keep using them. I was very pleased with the customer service in florida.
# Posted By bcgrumpy | 2/22/08 6:23 PM
Juan BsAs's Gravatar Ohhh my God you are really stupid!!!!
Every Corp Office will be able to fix any problem. We have a lot of restrictions to transfer or to resolve problems!
I will always think that tou still believe in Superman!!! HOLLYWOOD HAS JUST BURNT YOUR HEAD!!!!
They are, as you wrote the CORPORATE OFFICE. They are Reps like us. The difference is that they restrict and can
use and abuse the system.
Thanksfully, we will not have to work with poor customers anymore in Buenos Aires!
# Posted By Juan BsAs | 2/23/08 9:11 PM
Betty's Gravatar He is right, this is for POOR PEOPLE!!!!!!
# Posted By Betty | 2/23/08 9:14 PM
pete's Gravatar i like my tracfone-
i spent $100 - for my first year of service- i dont chat on it- live in rural area -- l got stuck milles from a landline- called a buudy for help
what is that worth- ?? priceless-
call customer service from a landline when u arent pressed for time-- - i am a happy customer -- this year bought a non roaming
phone and a dmfl card- - i expect to spend $150 --and get twice the talk tiime -lol transfered number thru CS on the phone took a few minutes --no big deal pete
# Posted By pete | 2/27/08 6:30 AM
Troy's Gravatar I'll say one thing...I keep it simple. I buy only the time I think I may need
and the reception is better than any cell phone I've ever owned!
OK, That was two....
# Posted By Troy | 2/29/08 5:33 PM
Robert's Gravatar Ive used tracphone for over 2 years and I have had NO problems, I buy the cards every 3 months before my time runs out, entering the info over the computer. My tracphone has never failed to get a signal where ever I have used it. I recently bought a new more modern flip type tracphone, and I still had over 600 units on my old phone, I called the customer service number and in less than 10 mnutes the rep had transferred all my units from the old phone to my new one. I am a 100% satisified TracPhone customer...... :-)
# Posted By Robert | 3/1/08 6:36 AM
Robert's Gravatar I posted the message just above this one, now let me tell you what I just experienced this morning. I had just purchased a new tracphone, and my older phone again, had over 600 units on it. I called the customer service number and got a guy who was foreign, but he spoke very slowly and clearly to me. He guided me through tons of codes being entered on both phones, and now maybe 10 minutes later I have all my old units transferred to my new phone. I thanked the rep for being so nice and helpful to me. Again, this shows you that not everyone has bad experiences at all with TracPhone or the Reps. I have NO plans or thoughts os leaving TracPhone, for me they are great.
My name is Robert Benjamin and I live here in the states in Pennsylvania.
# Posted By Robert | 3/2/08 8:43 AM
Carol's Gravatar Great Info-

What a difference speaking to someone in Miami. The only thing I would add; they are closed at 5pm on Friday until Monday morning. I was told they would overnight me a new Sim card but when I received it on Friday at 2pm Hawaii time they were closed. They did give me 30 units for the trouble. Thanks again for the great tips.
# Posted By Carol | 3/3/08 3:17 PM
Mary Reichel's Gravatar BEWARE OF TRACFONE - Unethical people. Bad product. I purchased a 1-year, 400-minute airtime card with my phone and it stopped working after 60 days. Target would not take it back because it was a Christmas gift and the receipt had expired before the problem revealed itself. After very long arduous call to TracFone Customer Service they agreed to send a new SIM card to fix it. The card arrived and I called to activate it. I was told the SIM card number was invalid. They agreed to send another SIM card, but after many long holds and unintelligble customer service reps, they hung up on me and never called back (they had my phone number). I began to suspect I was the victim of a scam and checked the Internet. There are thousands of complaints about this company. I called again to try to get a new SIM card. We'll see.
# Posted By Mary Reichel | 3/13/08 3:02 PM
Chris's Gravatar Tracfone user for several years now. This company has come a long way since I first heard of them. Is it perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Customer service takes forever to solve even minor problems, the account management interface on the website is flaky and sometimes requires you to use a different browser to get results.

That said, things rarely go wrong with my Tracfone. My wife and I are on the family plan; she gets 50 minutes a month for $9.99 added to her phone automatically, and I get thirty for $4.99. Minutes roll over each month. Phones were cheap, and the double minute for life card is a one time purchase of $50 per phone. Since we both have double minutes for life cards added, that comes out to 100 and 60 minutes a month on two phones for $15.

Great for us, because we don't use a lot of minutes. One time, I had to do a code update of some sort with her phone, and I had to do the same with mine. Those are the only two incidents in the past year. Granted, both took a long time with Customer Service to resolve, and the foreign accents weren't easily understood, but they were courteous and patient, and in both cases, the matter was resolved exactly as it should have been.

Overall, i've been very happy with this service and my phone and gladly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a super cheap phone service with no contract.
# Posted By Chris | 3/18/08 11:02 AM
Chris's Gravatar I'd like to add to my previous post that if you get a One Rate phone, you never pay roaming. My wife and I both got them and we've never paid more than about 8-10 cents per minute, no matter where we go.
# Posted By Chris | 3/18/08 11:06 AM
Lynn's Gravatar I have had a tracfone for a couple of years. The coverage has been fine, but I do not recommend Tracfone. Each and every time I try to add airtime minutes I run into huge problems. The customer service is beyond awful, and it is true that many reps do not speak clear English. Why should I have to learn another language just to deal with this company? I have spent hours trying to get problems fixed. I hope I can find another cell phone provider so I can get rid of tracone.
# Posted By Lynn | 3/27/08 12:46 PM
jamilla's Gravatar what if your phone dose not turn on how do you turn it on iv chared it and everything and it wont turn on.
# Posted By jamilla | 3/27/08 6:01 PM
ed sousa's Gravatar I Have a problem with my nokia 2126 phone> I added an airtime card on TF's website and got to the confimation web page that my airtime and service date had been updated. The phone did not reflect this so I turned the phone off for a few moments and tried to turn it back on. It came to the initial tracfone screen and the started to beep and vibrate. It does this about every 4 or 5 seconds and the only way to stop it is to pull the battery. Called TF and they said the phone is no good. It was fine until I put the time on it. I could deal with getting another phone but I had recently put a double minute card on the phone, 1 redemption, and that will be gone also. In my searches about this I have found 4 others who have had the same exact problem with the same phone. Iwas wondering if anybody else has experienced this with this phone or any other. I believe it has to do with the update. Would TF be able to make the phone malfunction if they wanted to? It would be quite a money maker to sell you a double minute card that is good for the life of the phone and then zap the phone. Just my ranting. I will call them again and see if I can get some other satisfaction.
# Posted By ed sousa | 3/29/08 3:23 PM
Eric Jackson's Gravatar Hi my wife and I got 2 phones over 2 years ago and we got double min. cards now after 2 years they are telling that our cards were only good for one year.
and if we want to be able double our mins. again we can go buy yet another card I am finding that tracphone has no real problem taking your money but customer
is way down on the bottom of the list. We are glad to say that when our mins. expire we will no longer be using this service.

not that i think tracphone cares but I just wanted to let you know
# Posted By Eric Jackson | 4/1/08 9:25 AM
Lew's Gravatar I have been a tracfone user for many years now, the latest phone is a replacement they sent back in 12/07. It took them
about 2 months to receive my updated phone, kept my minutes (over 600) but couldn't keep my number ( no big deal).
Tracfone gave me a few extra months of service for the wait and I was happy with that. Had some programming
problems with this phone but coverage has been very good. Have made several calls to their call centers for help. The english is not perfect
but I have talked to people born and raised in the states with not so perfect english. The operators are VERY courteous,
knoledgable and have solved the phone problems (just two in the last 5 months). I am very polite when I speak and even with my poor
(20 years working in a factory) I can still communicate with these operators. I hope working conditions improve for them
and I wish them all much success in their careers.
# Posted By Lew | 4/2/08 9:22 PM
mark's Gravatar this comment is for nancy who posted on 2/19/08. when i read your story i thought i was reading my own. the same thing happened to me. i bought a tracphone 2 years ago with the double minute card that they now claim is just for one year. i recently had the minutes transferred to another phone but the double minute plan went on there twice. and the other phone got no plan. they said the 2 plans would combine as one which i thought was bs since there goes my 129.42 out the window! only one rep explained to me that the card was only active for one year but they themselves never corrected me when i called it a double minute for life card nor did they say it shouldn't be there. also the phone i transferred the minutes and card from was still doubling the minutes before it was deactivated. they said that was an "error". i don't think so. not my error. the fact they saw it was a double minute card in their system and acknowledged it to me meant that it was their internal system adjustment for all double minute cards. i got out the scanned walmart receipt and read them the serial number of the card. i also told them why would i buy a card for 129.42 and it not be doubled when today they're sold for $50 and are doubled for life? i ended up having to write letter to bbb and 1st she said it would be on in 24 hours. now tf is giving me the "it'll be on there in 24-48 hour" thing and that was 3 days ago and hasn't yet and won't be. 24 hours was tuesday since i 1st called monday and now this is wednesday. based on previous experience with another phone i know that "24-48 hours" thing is just a stall tactic as soon as you hit enter on any pc the transaction should take effect immediately not stall for 24-48 hours. bs.
# Posted By mark | 4/2/08 11:31 PM
Dave's Gravatar I got jacked on the Net 10 website for 32.48. After e-mailing a complaint about not getting my 300 minuites but being charged with no response. I called CS, I got a bunch of accents (mojados, changos becerros) and 2 hang ups. Finally I got and idiot on the line that screwed up and gave me 800 minuites instead of the 330 (300 paid and 30 for inconv.)
Overall I came out ahead, but they suck. I'll switch carriers after I burn up these minuites.
# Posted By Dave | 4/3/08 4:07 PM
brad's Gravatar long story short I just got off the phone with the "corporate office" and got my problem solved (switching over to a replacement (reconditioned) phone). When she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me i said more airtime minutes would help and she (we) added another 30 minutes. yes, it's frustrating to deal with this bs but i was reading this blog while on the phone with them and was inspired to remain calm and patient. THANK YOU JEFFRY for creating this blog and providing the corporate number!!!!!!!!!!!!
# Posted By brad | 5/13/08 11:44 AM
Pat Cogswell's Gravatar I am living a Tracfone nightmare. I have had my phone for many years. Yesterday I tried to add a years minutes which I have always done in the past.
I was told their was an error with my credit card. I tried several times and guess what I was billed several times. I then tried another card and was billed there too.

I now have multiple charges. I called the number they said to call. The girl that answered could barely speak English. I asked to speak to someone who could understand me and I her or him she refused.

I was trying to get a special on the internet. She said I could not use it since it was internet only. I tried to explain to her that I was unable to use the internet because they said to call the number.
It was totally ridiculous. She told me my credit card was denied. By the time I was finished I told her to cancel all.

I then contacted my Credit Card and they said they had approved (unfortunately for me multiple times). I am now in a mess disputing their charges but with no added minutes.

Any help I can get from anyone out there would be appreciated. I have only until 6/18 or my minutes, etc will expire. Oh, By the way, I have incurred arpimd 700 dollars trying to add 100. or minuites.
# Posted By Pat Cogswell | 6/10/08 1:21 AM
AnotherReP's Gravatar Hi, I'm also a TracFone Rep, and I know the service is not the way you are expecting, but as you all know, customer services offices are located outside of USA and we as cust rep we dont have all of the access and the programs that coporate office has in Miami, most of the time that we tell you you need to wait 24-48h to escalate the information it is because we need to send it to Miami, they are the only one who has access to all of the records about missing units, charges on hold or technical issue that's why the can solve the issue immediately, and our access to the TracFone system is limit, I mean, we as cust reps would like to help in a one call resolution, but we can do as far as we have access to all of the systems to resolve the issue
Let me tell you good tips if you decide to call someday cust service 1-800-8677183
i know most of you complains about the long waiting before reaching a rep, so just after you press 1 for english, you press 4 technical option, and then option 5
also most of the times if you choose the tech option, on this way you get reps with more experience about the job, and if you are still unsatisfied with the service, you can request for a sup, they are also reps, but with more experience and more access to tracfone tools
also if you are patient and polite, reps maybe should be giving u some free minutes if you ask for it
but if u are calling us yelling and treating us in a bad way, dont ask why you call was disconnected several times because even if we can solve your issue immediately you are not being polite, reps are not going to help you never
# Posted By AnotherReP | 6/11/08 9:51 PM
becky's Gravatar Its worth it as long as you dont do the family value plan and add phones on. I have that plan and I have the primary phone. I never have problems but for the additional phones every month I have to call the company and complain that I havent gotten the units. My two added phones finally went inactive because of they werent sending the units so the date wasnt changing and I sat on the phone for over an hour twice because of it.
# Posted By becky | 6/12/08 10:08 PM
jullkin's Gravatar I just off the (other) phone with a series of Tracfone representatives. Apparently, they hire the (mentally) handicapped. After one hour and twenty-four minutes, I was told that my service had been canceled because I did not use the phone often enough. In a shocking display of poor business practices, these fine folks terminated my service while we were on the phone.
The fact that my phone never got a good enough signal to make or receive calls is the reason I contacted the (non)service department.
Although my airtime (supposedly) was not to expire until August, the saw fit to simply terminate my service. Of course, they were perfectly happy to take my money - they just didn't feel that I should get anything for it. All four of the "professionals" I dealt with insisted that they could not help me unless I bought even more unusable airtime.
My advice: get a Net 10 phone. Even if the service is less than stellar, you'll be getting it for one third the price. Further, I'm fairly certain they could not possibly have more annoying or less capable representatives than the fine folks at Trashfone.
# Posted By jullkin | 6/25/08 10:03 PM
po's Gravatar Okay. An two hours ago, I called in to switch one tracfone number to my new one, and it isn't transfering. Anyone know who long it takes.
# Posted By po | 6/28/08 6:53 PM
MysteryBid's Gravatar Thanks for the free minutes I got at
# Posted By MysteryBid | 6/30/08 5:38 AM
MysteryBid's Gravatar Thanks for the free minutes I got at
# Posted By MysteryBid | 6/30/08 5:38 AM
jullkin's Gravatar UPDATE: Upon switching to Net 10, the following improvements were readily apparent:
1. Superb signal strength; I can now make and receive calls. Net 10 was actually considerate enough to set up my phone as I requested - this includes taking into account my zip code.
2. Call quality is excellent. No dropped calls, static, or other deficiencies to report.
3. Net 10 gave me a tremendous amount of free minutes when I activated my new phone online.
I wish I had switched sooner. Trashfone has been such a bad experience for such a long time that the switch to Net 10 comes as a great relief. Finally, something works correctly. I'm now getting superior service at a fraction of Trashfone's fees.
# Posted By jullkin | 7/2/08 12:20 PM
Philip's Gravatar TracFome/Net10 same Owner Fredrick/Sara Pollak No differance.
# Posted By Philip | 7/8/08 8:58 AM
jullkin's Gravatar Although Trashfone and Net 10 may be owned by the same people, there are tangible differences. Much like a Lincoln Navigator and a Ford Pinto are both produced and marketed by Ford Motor Company, but yield very dissimilar performance, Trashfone and Net 10 - regardless of their presumed common ownership - yield very dissimilar performance.
I must admit, however, that I have not yet found it necessary to engage in conversation with Net 10's customer service personnel. Such a circumstance may well be just as frustrating as my past experiences with Trashfone's personnel.
That said; owing to the great rates, easy online start-up, and flawless service, if problems arose with customer service, I would throw the phone away and start over - with Net 10 - before ever reconsidering Trashfone.
In summary, just as with Ford's Navigator and their Pinto, sometimes two products offered by a common company do indeed yield vastly differing performance.
# Posted By jullkin | 7/9/08 6:02 PM
goodwoody's Gravatar I have a TracFone that gave me several years of good service until I went to use it after a 2 month break and found that I no longer had service. My phone showed 700 minutes and 9 months of air time so I called tech support. My experience was like many others here where I was put on hold many times over a period of several hours. This went on for several weeks and many phone calls to reps who spoke poor English or had a strong accent. I tried several times going thru the corporate office number more than once with pretty much the same results. Finally I got a rep named Paula who in about 30 minutes got everything restore to normal. I was just about ready to throw the phone out the door. I think I will sell it while it still working since I now have service with Alltel. Guess you just have to stick to it.
# Posted By goodwoody | 7/20/08 6:31 AM
Sue's Gravatar I like the Tracfone as just an emergency phone for my
husband. Purchasing a $20 card several times a year keeps
the cost to less than $7 a month. Luckily he has never
had to use it. Service is good.
The problem is adding minutes. I've tried to use the
automated 'add time' feature. But for some reason my
phone does not match up with what operators says will
appear on my phone. Have tried to do it on line but
something always happens in the middle.
Talking to an operator at Tracfone is a nightmare!!! And
since I'm buying 90 days at a time I totally dread each
time that renewal date comes up. I worked for many
years using phones, talking to people all around the world.
I press the number to get English but this is not English
as I know it. I do want to say they are polite.
And for some reason the first time does not get the
minutes added. It always takes at least one and sometimes
two more frustrating calls to finally get the minutes to
show on the phone. I find myself talking louder and
My sister insists that these operators are not even
located here in the USA.
I have an option of changing his phone; but it will cost
another $5 or so a month. It might be worth it to keep
my blood pressure down!
# Posted By Sue | 7/23/08 3:59 AM
tom's Gravatar I've had so many tracfone nightmares, there's just no time to go into all of them. Basically, both my elderly parents and I all have tracfones. Just redeeming airtime is a MAJOR problem. The "redeem airtime" never appears on my phone menu, so I'm always FORCED to call the ignorant, non-English speaking "reps". I've tried to buy airtime on the tracfone site, but always get an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR! It's a freaking nightmare just trying to keep a phone operational.
# Posted By tom | 8/5/08 1:15 PM
jim's Gravatar Tracfone is a NIGHTMARE! Not only did my phone just stop working and I lost 200 minutes, but I can't even add airtime. The website is dysfunctional, I can't understand the reps and the script they read from is so annoying. They say "please bear with me" at least 50 times per call. They give me instructions on accessing my menu when I already know how to do it. Tried yesterday to add airtime and the female rep went on and on with so much UNNECESSARY talking that my phone went dead! Another wasted call to tracfone! THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD.
# Posted By jim | 8/5/08 1:19 PM
*B*'s Gravatar TracFone is a joke! Their C.S. is non-existent. I have only had the service for a little over 3 days, here is my story:

1. Bought & activated a Motorola W376G which states right on the package "bluetooth enabled". This is a LIE! That means it is FRAUD! Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transmit and receive data of any sort. The only limitations with bluetooth is the software of the 2 units being used. I have a bluetooth laptop which uses a bluetooth mouse, and I have paired up 3 other bluetooth phones to the laptop to send music, pix etc... back and forth with no problem. After activating my phone and being able to "see/pair" my laptop to it, but not being able to transfer anything between them, I call C.S. and get 3 people who dont know their butt from a hole in the ground. I do find out though that the bluetooth is headset only, and they have turned off all the other bluetooth features with the operating system they load on it, after they purchase the phone from Motorola. What this means is, if I want to take a picture, I have to send it myself via email and eat up minutes off of my phone. Even though the phone has bluetooth, it is turned off and I cant transmit the pix to my laptop, or music & ring tones to my phone via bluetooth.... it HAS to be done via messages eating up my minutes. I am SO sick of paying for something, and then having the people I bought it from TELL me HOW I can and cant use it!

2. Somewhat ties into to point 1 above..... This phone has a mini USB port to charge it. BUT, you can NOT charge this phone via USB port on your computer! You can ONLY charge it with the AC adapter that comes with it, or the DC adapter that you would purchase extra. Any computer connectivity (like bluetooth) has been turned off. Once again, instead of being able to charge it on your computer, or send music/pix/ring tones etc... back and forth via USB cable, you have to do it through messaging, which eats minutes off your phone.

3. I called today to try to get my voice mail turned off. This should be a simple task, right? WRONG! Are you aware that TracFone will NOT turn off your voice mail feature? Why you ask? Because even if you dont set up voice mail, TracFone will answer your phone and play the "this user has not set up a voice mail..." message...... why? Because if someone is trying to call you and it keeps ringing, they are paying for that line and time. They want it disconnected immediately unless youre going to answer and run minutes off your phone. They answer with that automated message, the caller hangs up...... freeing up the line.

4. Their C.S. is BEYOND a joke. When the first choice I have is to 'press 1 for English" and I cannot understand a single person I talk to...... not to mention the idiots I talk to actually know less than I do about the phone and the service.......... well, it is damn pathetic. It took 4 phone calls (I kept getting disconnected, go figure) and over an hour to have a 2nd tier supervisor tell me that turning off voice mail is NOT an option, but they have it disabled, which is the same. the person that told me this needs to be slapped. They count on their customers being stupid and never standing up for their rights. Voice mail being disabled is NOT the same thing..... read point 3 above.

I am totally disgusted with TracFone, and as soon as I use my minutes I will be gone to another provider. I am also sending copies of this post to the Attorney General of my state, the Better Business Bureau, and TracFone's corporate offices.

this place is a joke and they do NOT care about their customers at all.
# Posted By *B* | 8/11/08 10:36 AM
jim's Gravatar The bluetooth issue is no surprise at all to me. Tracfone has to be one of the most unethical "companies" in the world. Once you've bought that phone or airtime card, it's a total crapshoot how things will turn out. I can't even add simple airtime to my phone without major problems. First of all, the "redeem airtime" won't even show on my phone. Secondly, their website always gives me a "Internal Server Error" if I try to buy time there. You're FORCED to deal with their "reps", who are all in third world shitholes. I've already smashed one tracfone with a concrete block and am thinking about doing it to the phone I have now. I pity the fools who buy the one year airtime deal!
# Posted By jim | 8/11/08 1:12 PM
L's Gravatar *67 does not work. The owners manual and the tracfone website states ,*67 will block your number when making a call", but it doesn't work. I have contacted customer service and as always I get the same answer
no matter the issue, "it doesn't work". Who do I contact for further help. Customer service is no help at all.
# Posted By L | 8/23/08 10:40 AM
tracfoneSUCKS's Gravatar As far as I know, *67 doesn't work on cell phones period. It doesn't even work on our local landline phone system. Where I lived for 30 years before, it always worked and I had the habit of always using it. On cell phones, it may have something to do with cell phones not having a dial tone. When you use it on a landline, you get those 2 or 3 beep tones when it's activated.
# Posted By tracfoneSUCKS | 8/23/08 10:13 PM
bryan's Gravatar WOW, After reading your comments i was getting furious sitting here. I am raging about the customer service also . BUt now after this read i am sad that this can go on . I was really going to bitch but you people have covered it . I can see that they are laughing at us and there is no solution. I wont wait on the phone for hours because the rage will take 2 to 3 years off my life and i dont like that . I will use the contact points given earlier and probly print some of these and put them on the wallmart trac display. Then go to a good service phone co and live free. Thank you blog and net
# Posted By bryan | 9/27/08 11:19 AM
michael w. fuller's Gravatar tracfone isn't any good. i bought one back in june, on the first, 2008. they gave me a number that was no good, it was a number that had been discontinued by a bank, i could call out but no one could call me. they sent me another phone (reconditioned), then they emailed me telling me they gave me a bad number. well that phone didn't work so they sent me another, at which it didn't work either so i sent them all back. i thought it would be easier to have a cell phone because of all the crap i delt with at&t and toon boot i didn't like federal spying, now i don't have a phone. they still owe me for 51.4 units, but did they try to make amends? no. karma baby karma you stupid idiots
# Posted By michael w. fuller | 9/29/08 5:10 AM
tracfonesucks's Gravatar Same old crap from the same old CrapFone company. I tried to simply redeem a 60 min airtime card today for my mother and of course, it didn't work. Rarely does. Seems that CrapFone company is imploding fast. Gets worse all the time. But one thing never changes. You're GUARANTEED to have problems at one point or another and it is GUARANTEED that no money that goes into the company ever comes back out. Even if the airtime card you bought won't activate, you get NO REFUND. I'm sure glad the rest of the world doesn't operate this way.
# Posted By tracfonesucks | 9/29/08 10:17 PM
tracfonesucks's Gravatar Mysterybid, you can kiss my ugly white ass, posting your cheerful little posts here about the cute little "bonus codes" you got. Even the bonus codes are a scam. They rarely ever work. Hell, I can't even add regular airtime to my crapfone, MUCH LESS bonus codes!!
# Posted By tracfonesucks | 9/29/08 10:20 PM
rommel's Gravatar So far Tracfone has been giing me good service. Even the reps. Always use promotional codes when adding airtime. Just my thoughts. I love tracfone
# Posted By rommel | 10/4/08 10:41 PM
tracfonesucks's Gravatar Obviously you haven't had to deal with them very much. You're a very rare case or you're just one of those who refuses to say anything negative about a person or a company. Nothing new.
# Posted By tracfonesucks | 10/5/08 3:18 PM
Teresa's Gravatar I bought a tracfone 2 days ago and it said it had bluetooth. However I found out after I bout it that even though it says it has bluetooth it will not allow me to send or recieve ring tones or pictuers through bluetooth.I made several different calls to costomer service and they said that i was doing something wrong, then today when i called them they tell me that they do not have that technology yet and have no clue when they will have it avalible . I tought that all blutooth worked the same, I found out the hard way that you cant trust tracfone. my whole porpse of getting a phone with bluetooth was so me and my friends could share ring tones
# Posted By Teresa | 10/11/08 12:51 AM
noespanol's Gravatar If you bought a phone just to "share ring tones with friends", you deserve to be screwed. Many people, including myself, only have a cell phone for emergencies, not for b.s. like you speak of. What a waste of money. I'll bet you're one of those zombies walking around with your phone in front of you, glaring at it constantly, waiting for the next "important" text message to come in. What a loser.
# Posted By noespanol | 10/14/08 9:43 PM
Stockbridge's Gravatar I was one of the unfortunates who had a phone canceled because it was "technologically obsolete" I was never notified and
purchased a new phone because I couldn't wait 2 weeks for the free replacement. I had a double minutes for life on the old phone and
had to practically threaten an armed coups to get it moved to the new phone. Their argument: it only applied to the old phone
even though I did not choose to make that phone obsolete...... 3 weeks ago, my "double minutes for life" suddenly ran out. The phone was
fine. I was about to purchase a double minutes card for $49 when I discovered that the new Motorola w376g was being sold at
Wal-Mart for $29 and included double minutes for life....... It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it made more sense
to buy a new phone than the double minutes card........ (This is the 4th TracFone I've had over 8 years) When attempting to activate
the new phone I found out it would take 72 hours to port my number and 500 minutes... (seems they ditched cingular for TMobile) during which I was without cell service. Finally got a working phone with my number and then the fun really began. I added minutes adn the
double minutes didn't work. Got that fixed and then attempted to access the web and its been down hill ever since. I have spoken with
27 customer NO service reps in Belize, Columbia, Guianna, Guatemala, and the Phillippines... and "corporate headquarters" in Miami
I have been told that it would take 24 hours for the "product support" department to request codes that would allow access to the web
browser 4 times. Of course they never had the codes when I called back. Then I was told I that TMobile could not provide web service and I needed a new cingular SIM to replace the TMobile the phone came with. After much rancorous discussion they agreed to overnight it. I called as instructed to get the instructions to install the SIM and found out that I would have to wait 72 hours for the # to port back to cingular where it came from........ And they wonder why we yell at them............... I actually got through to "corporate" # yesterday
again and found out that woops....... TMobile can provide the web service, I just need a different SIM than what comes with the phone.
That arrived this morning. Maria at 1305-715-6500 X6126 is supposed to be expediting the number port. She assures me that the phone will do everything it's supposed to when we're through......... (And pigs will be flying soon after, no doubt) If this actually works, I'll update.
# Posted By Stockbridge | 11/12/08 12:16 PM
Harry's Gravatar Hi, I purchased a Tracfone 5-6 years ago a Motorola v120 and it still works
fine, I purchase cards and install the minutes using my home pc and my
tracfone accout, I tried to add minutes while receiving instructions with my
land line and got a rep with an english dialect which was hard to undrestand
but we managed slowly to get the several 15? caracter codes entered and get it
working, always look for promotional codes that I can add to my phnone for
extra minutes, I understand that ATT charges $1.00 pr day to access a line
# Posted By Harry | 11/13/08 11:35 PM
somethingdifferent's Gravatar I find your glowing testimonial for tracfone hard to believe, especially that a phone bought 5+ years ago could still be active and working since that technology is now obsolete. And especially that you say you add minutes "on your PC". I've tried countless times in the past several months to add airtime to various tracfones and the website is ALWAYS messed up and I ALWAYS end up having to make that dreaded phone call. And you got an English rep and their "dialect" was hard to understand? HAHAHAHA. I've never got an English speaking rep with an English dialect. Only third world reps with terrible English. You probably work for tracfone. You must love your job.
# Posted By somethingdifferent | 11/15/08 11:04 PM
JATFV (Just Another TracFone Victim)'s Gravatar Quoth The "REP" (10/2/07 12:51 AM) "Remember that when you are calling and shouting and asking for a supervisor or shouting or crying WE ARE LAUGHING... "

Ah, yes, the typical TracFone "professionalism" we've come to know and love... um, I mean, um, tolerate. That is, ENDURE.

Ca ANYONE tell me where there is NOT a class action suit filed against these creeps? They are into me for more HELL than I care to think about -- and it just does NOT stop! I guess I am going to have to grit my teeth, unload my two TracPhones onto someone with greater stamina (and lower blood pressure), and go with Verizon. Will I pay more? Maybe -- but at least I'll have usable phones, AND be able to avoid spending half my life on the line with lying toads at customer "service" -- and I certainly DO feel "serviced" -- in the animal husbandry sense of the term.
# Posted By JATFV (Just Another TracFone Victim) | 11/22/08 9:50 PM
sandi's Gravatar I have had 2 gruelling months of dealing with Tracfone....2 months and 2
phones. They can't seem to get my number transfered to the new phone,
then they can't get the minutes transferred, then I'm unable to access the
web broser, then I'm unable to access my voice mail. I'm on the phone for
1-2 1/2 hours daily being transfered from one person to the next, one
dept. to the next, putting me on hold for 3 minutes, telling me it will be another
24 hours which turns into 48 which turns into 72 which has now turned into
2 months, 2 phones and still no working cell phone. This experience is one for
which I will be seeking compensation. I intend to take this to the top. A miserable
company to do business with.
# Posted By sandi | 11/27/08 7:49 PM
tom's Gravatar HAHAHA! Your story is a carbon copy of thousands of others. Yes, tracfone remains a miserable experience for all, but there's not a damn thing you can do about it. As long as we choose to not go with a "real" cell phone, the misery will go on. But "real" cell phones are expensive to keep active. I'm not a cell phone addict like many are or I'd go with a real one. I just want something to get by with and actually hate phones period.
# Posted By tom | 11/27/08 11:36 PM
diddlysquat's Gravatar Regarding Fredrick Pollak, the "CEO" of tracfone's phone number being posted here and you removing it, be aware that if you just type in Pollak's name in a google search, his number comes up all over the place. Removing it here was absolutely pointless HAHA.
# Posted By diddlysquat | 11/27/08 11:42 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar diddlysquat,

Removing the number from this blog prevented tracfrone from pursuing legal action against me. I'd hardly call it pointless.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 11/28/08 10:11 AM
ralph's Gravatar Posting a public phone number of a CEO of a giant worldwide company doesn't sound like something one could get sued about, but then, people are running scared these days, afraid of being sued for anything and everything. I wonder if Pollak is suing all those other blogs and sites that have his number posted?
# Posted By ralph | 11/28/08 2:37 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Ralph,

Sounds to me like that is exactly the type of thing one can get sued over. If you read tech dirt on a routine basis, you'll find they write about plenty of similar lawsuits. That does not, as you imply, mean the lawsuits have a legal grounding.

As a service provider, I would technically be protected under the communication decency act (I believe section 403; but don't quote me on that). After discussing the issue with my own legal counsel we decided it was in my best interests for me to remove the offending comments.

In a battle of legal wills, they have more money / resources than I and would most likely lose; regardless of whether or not I was in legally right.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 11/28/08 9:28 PM
Cathy Dillon's Gravatar Here's my tracfone saga -- I've sent several emails and have had several prolonged conversations with their customer service to fix my caller id problem. When I call someone, my caller ID shows up as someone else's name. The customer service reps have had me do all kind of things to my phone, including a master reset -- nothing works. My only alternative now is to totally block my ID, so no one can tell who is calling. I'd prefer to have at least my name or phone number. Anyone have ideas of how I could fix this? I have no patience to deal with any more reps from Tracfone.
# Posted By Cathy Dillon | 12/13/08 5:46 PM
emailactivation's Gravatar I just searched google and and just on the first page of search results, Fredrick Pollak's phone number is posted twice. Even his email and home address are shown. It also shows how much of our tracfone money went to Hillary Clinton's campaign.
# Posted By emailactivation | 12/14/08 3:23 PM
Guy Stanley's Gravatar It is with quite a bit of amusement that I read through this whole thread on Tracfone. Believe me, I have been through all of these problems with Tracfone, battled with customer service, struggled with website etc. What a surprise it was to me recently when I had to call their customer care number again, the whole experience was quite painless and the issue was resolved within a few minutes. I remarked to a friend about this and he informed me that Tracfone recently won a JD Power Award. It seams that they have put quite a lot of training into their customer service reps, this is certainly good news for all of us using Tracfone. And come on, let's face it, Tracfone is the pre-paid cell provider with the best coverage out there!
# Posted By Guy Stanley | 12/20/08 2:35 AM
JATFV (Just Another TracFone Victim)'s Gravatar Wow... I love the smell of astroturf in the morning... it smells like... a professional production.

Now, to balance out the smoothie astroturf -- our most RECENT misadventure with these clowns involves the ongoing pain of adding minutes to our Motorola W370. Great deal, we thought -- double minutes for life, only $14.97, so, we bought the phone -- and it's been misery ever since.

It's NEVER been able to manage to deliver on the "supported" email/multimedia stuff. Non-text email is simply impossible -- stuff sent TO the phone disappears in the void. Stuff sent FROM the phone is NOT sent -- the phone chuggles along for a few minutes, then pops up an error message saying to try again later -- and debits MINUTES from its balance! We PAY for NOT sending mail.

TEXT mail that's sent FROM the phone is sent with a bogus return address (it's an ATT relay -- apparently they do NOT want our recipients from being able to do anything but REPLY to a specific email).

Then, we tried to add minutes to it. Instant blood-pressure booster. (By "instant" I of course mean "several HOURS of hell on the phone -- over the course of several DAYS.)

Ultimately we DID get what we paid for -- but it was a real snakefight getting them to relent and give us what we PAID for.

The deal was, by such and such an amount of minutes, and get so-many "bonus" minutes. Sounded like a good deal, so, we did it -- over the web, knowing better than to TRY to do it over the phone.

Their server accepted the order, and issued the base minutes AND the bonus minutes. They sent a text message to the phone confirming the base minutes and the BONUS minutes.

But, they did NOT give the DOUBLE minutes, which should be automatic with a DMFL phone (built-into the phone, NOT added later via a DMFL card).

The fun began. THEIR absurd story was that they DID give the double minutes, but would NOT give the BONUS minutes, since the bonus code was invalid.

Only problem with that LIE of course is that they DID accept -- and CONFIRM the bonus code, and, issue the BONUS minutes, both at time of purchase, on the website, AND, via the text message that is still stored in the phone!

Yet, they DENIED it -- basically said that WE were lying about it! Flat out REFUSED to issue "bonus" minutes (while maintaining that the BONUS minutes we received were NOT "bonus" minutes, but were rather our DOUBLE minutes). REFUSED to even LET us demand our DOUBLE minutes, since they insisted we HAD received them, even though we had NOT!

It's like talking to a brick wall. A very polite brick wall, that loves to put you on hold so they can "talk to a supervisor" (apparently a LOT of people engage in this madness ON their tracfone, and the longer they can drag it out, the more minutes they'll burn up in the process -- calls to customer "service" are NOT free! So, we do it over the landline -- EVERY time we try to do anything with the phone.)

After HOURS of this BS -- both with thier "might speak some english" people in BFE, and later on, with their "Executive Solutions" people in Florida (or whatever they're calling that office this week) -- who ALSO dug in and stonewalled, INSISTING that we DID receive our double minutes -- they "relented" and "gave" us some "bonus" minutes -- in the amount of the DOUBLE minutes we PAID for -- acting like they were throwing some "go-away money" at us as a GIFT, to shut us up!

I think I am going to run down the minutes on this POS and then sell it to someone younger, healthier, and with more adventure in their soul than ME.

How this company stays in business is truly beyond me. This is FAR from the ONLY nightmare we've had with them -- and from all I've read on the web, our tale is FAR from unique. If anything, it seems par for the course. What are they, Above The Law or something? Must be!
# Posted By JATFV (Just Another TracFone Victim) | 12/20/08 4:24 AM
Stanley Guy's Gravatar Guy Stanley, how long have you worked for Tracfone? JD Power Award? HAHAHAHAHA. For what? The most nightmarish customer no-service on the planet?
# Posted By Stanley Guy | 12/20/08 12:20 PM
somethingdifferent's Gravatar Both of my elderly parents have Tracfones just for emergencies. I'm the one who has to do all the upkeep of adding minutes etc. My dad bought a $21 60-minute airtime pin last July 31. I was just now able to redeem it and after all I went through, all I got was the 60 minutes and did not get the normal 90 days, so before the date runs out on Dec 30, I'll have to go through it all again. As always, I first tried to redeem the time directly on the phone, but it never works. Then tried on the internet and their defective site failed again also. Some things never change.
# Posted By somethingdifferent | 12/20/08 12:29 PM
marty's Gravatar how do i shut down voice mail and delet #'s from phone book? emine is a motorola
# Posted By marty | 12/24/08 12:29 AM
Carol's Gravatar Right now I am not very happy with Tracfone. Purchased one for my mother many years ago and got her an upgrade for Christmas. After many hours online and on the telephone with a service rep now both telephones are considered inactive, no minutes have been transferred, and the value plan that she in on has not been transferred. I was told before I hung up with the rep that everthing would be in place in 72 hours. Now, I am being told that not everything can be transferred. I always try to look for a positive - the old phone number has been transferred to the new phone! This has been a HUGE ordeal and it shouldn't have been!
# Posted By Carol | 12/25/08 2:10 PM
bill's Gravatar Carol, that "positive" you speak of is a false positive since the phones don't work. There are few positives when it comes to tracfone. And I have found that anytime the problem isn't fixed WHILE you're on the phone with them, it never will be. Their 48 hrs, 72 hrs etc line is B.S. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen before you hang up or it never will happen. These are facts of life with TF.
# Posted By bill | 12/27/08 10:35 AM
Ann's Gravatar Their website doesn't work! I've tried all day to set-up an additonal phone with no luck. I called the toll free number and couldn't understand the tech. I have one phone
and would like to activate another phone so I can sign up for the value plan as my husband and I only use the phones occassionally. It would be nice if they took care
of their website if they are going to sell the product and encourage you to use the site when you call the toll free number!
# Posted By Ann | 12/29/08 2:11 PM
rick's Gravatar Ann, that's old news. Every time I need to add airtime, the first place I go is the website and it failes every time with an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. Yesterday, I had to add airtime because my phone would run out on Dec 30. Because of the site problem, I ended up not being able to use my bonus code. Just over a week ago, I was finally able to add the 60 minutes I bought in JULY. I got the 60 minutes but not my 90 days! So with Tracfone, it's a lose lose every time. Their site has been doing this for MONTHS and nothing is done about it. I've mentioned it to their reps but they had no reply whatsoever. And you're a fool if you sign up for any of their "value" plans or one year plans. A problem is guaranteed to come up somewhere along the way and YOU will lose. Tracfone never loses.
# Posted By rick | 12/30/08 6:23 AM
rick's Gravatar Here's the website error I get every time I ever try to buy airtime online. It's the same every time and has been going on for months. Does anyone else get the same error? I'm using Firefox.
Error 500--Internal Server Error
From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:
10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
# Posted By rick | 12/30/08 6:25 AM
rick's Gravatar Isn't it pretty obvious how Tracfone has the poorest customer service on the planet when the CEO Fredrick Pollak goes to the trouble to get the admin here to remove Pollak's phone number, yet they have nothing to say to all the customers here who have been ripped off and put through hell just to activate a phone or add airtime? It shows you they don't give a flying crap about anyone but those DOLLARS KEEP POURING IN!!!
# Posted By rick | 12/30/08 6:34 AM
Pam's Gravatar OMG... I'm seeing myself here. We are at the end of our second WEEK trying to transfer minutes, airtime and phone number to our "upgraded" phone. Have talked to at least 10 different peopl, spent countless ours on hold, while they look for a "supervisor" who is actually just sojeone down the line who can't help you anyway. The latest time frame, from 1 hour to 24 hour, to 24-48 hours to 24-72 hours is now up to 30 days.
This is absolutely horrendous, as we have quite a few folks with our cell phone number in other states who might need to get in touch with us in emergency situations. It just won't work to change our number. Meanwhile, 7 voicemail promises to return my call over the last 5 days have gone ignored.
Believe me, when the minutes are expired, the phone number will go with me to some other company... hopefully one where the reps on the phone don't lie to your face!
# Posted By Pam | 12/31/08 8:58 PM
Dave's Gravatar Sorry about all your problems, I have had none.
I purchased the Motorola W376g at Target, I registered it on-line with no problems or issues.
I purchased a 60 minute card and accidentally scratched off part of the secret code. I called the customer service number and they credited my 60 minutes, 60 double minutes for life, and a bonus 60 minutes from a promo code I had. I thought they were prompt and cautious.
One last word, I am not affiliated with any phone company or in any way related to Tracfone. In fact I am known as a rather hard core ass wen it comes to customer no-service and companies that do now know their business.
# Posted By Dave | 12/31/08 10:34 PM
Andrew's Gravatar I bought a Tracfone a couple years ago to use in Hawaii and Las Vegas while I stayed in the U.S. for a month. It worked out pretty good and the customer service was helpful when I activated it.
HOWEVER, I recently purchased two more as a Christmas gift for family members. As I speek about customer service with Tracfone, understand that I don't care what race, religion, ethnicity
or accent somebody has on the other end of the phone call. All the customer is looking for is a clear and competent source of information. Anyways, The service rep had a very thick Jamaican accent
that was difficult to understand at times but I got through it. She was nearly unable to comprehend what I was saying so a 15 mintue phone call turned in to 45 minutes of repeating myself and using phonetics
to spell my name and address. Talk about frustration. The phones I purchased were completely dead. Now why would that be? Two completely new phones from a major retail store invalid?
I was told two new phones would be shipped to my address immediately without charge. I recieved them a little late since the only thing correct on my address was the zip code. I told the rep the brand of phone I purchased and was promised the same in return. Unfortunately that did not happen. A phone is a phone, but I paid for a phone that I did not recieve. I activated the two new phones through an automated system. Usually I hate the idea
of talking to a computer but I couldn't have been more happy to activate them this way. The entire Tracfone industry is a scam, regardless of how many people give the company their praises.
The reps are poorly trained but look where the rep offices are located. After reading up on Tacfone/Net10 and researching it's history of bad customer service, pick pocketing customers and complete disregard
for running a faithful enterprise, I wasn't surprised how I or tens of thousands of customers are treated. Many other people were treated much worse than I have but I can still feel their pain and frustration.
You can't polish a tird, and Tracfone is just that.
# Posted By Andrew | 1/1/09 8:13 AM
Maggie Mae's Gravatar I have an ongoing ordeal with Tracfone which started over xmas. I had purchased an LG phone due to it having bluetooth capability. However every blue tooth device I purchase does not work. All retail stores have told me the phone is defective. (Target, Radio Shack and Walmart) The "wonderful" CSR's at Tracfone tell me that I have not purchased the correct device. They can not tell me what device I need to buy that will be compatible...and suggested I ask Walmart..they should know..??? Walmart just laughed at me and told me that all universal wireless headsets should work and HAVE worked on my Model of LG phone LG600G. CSR's at Tracfone just hang up on me after switching me everywhere.. Has anyone else had this problem and find a solution? I just want to be able to talk - not transfer music or ring tones...just talk... Unfortunately i did purchase and annual plan. FAIL TO LAUNCH
# Posted By Maggie Mae | 1/3/09 7:58 PM
Ralph's Gravatar You're now in Tracfone HELL. There's no way out. Tracfone doesn't give refunds for airtime but retailers usually give refunds for phones. You bought an annual plan? The biggest mistake of all. There is no hope for you. Bend over.
# Posted By Ralph | 1/7/09 4:56 AM
Jesus's Gravatar Why do people X out the Christ in Christmas? I find it very disrespectful. I'll bet you also call a Christmas tree a "holiday" tree. Wow.
# Posted By Jesus | 1/7/09 4:58 AM
Noble's Gravatar Well,Jeffry Dude!
Why not go through thier Safelink division?This is a program for low income people who are on gov't programs who need cellphones in caseof an emergency? It beats trying to spend mo
on one knowing that ads are now running about Safelink,and yes,they send you a Moto W175g Tracfone Free! Check it out!
# Posted By Noble | 1/8/09 12:38 PM
L.T.'s Gravatar well...i have been in tracfone hell and just may have dug myself out of it. we'll see in the months to come. it takes determination. and at least 2 hrs to spend on the phone
trying to work things out. yes it is extremely hard to understand many of the "reps" and whatever they do to their phones to supposedly make them more understandable
actually makes it worse. that aside. i would have been up a creek w/out a paddle had i not discovered the phone number at the top of this blog.
it is true the reps pass you around and you never really get a "supervisor." it doesn't seem to matter if your nice or tough. they rarely have an answer for you and beware
the answer you get may not always be the truth as in my case. one rep or "supervisor" says one thing and others say something completely different.
i do however believe you get further with being polite. My final "rep" gave me the answer i wanted to hear, but then it just didn't take affect after i hung up.
So, i called THE above number and there were numerous codes that had to be entered on my phone to make it work. Hmmmm. Thank you soooo much for the phone number.
# Posted By L.T. | 1/16/09 4:27 PM
jaclyn's Gravatar well my tracfone says service disabled.! idk (i dont know) what that means!? can some one tell me how to get ride of that?! it wont let me text or call anyone!
# Posted By jaclyn | 1/19/09 11:29 AM
savvyconsumers's Gravatar All who find this site: please be warned that you cannot buy airtime online even though they say you can. You get this message:

"Error 500--Internal Server Error From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1: 10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request."

If you write to their online customer service, you get this generic response: "If you are experiencing difficulties purchasing airtime, please contact our customer care department at 1-800-867-7183. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 9:45 PM EST."

Bottom Line: Add airtime on your phone instead of expecting the online service to work OR don't choose Tracfone. I have been a loyal Tracfone customer for years but am greatly disappointed that they cannot maintain a functional website. I've used several different browsers and computers and still cannot use this basic service. What is worse is that they cannot even admit that their website has problems.
# Posted By savvyconsumers | 1/20/09 1:07 PM
# Posted By Candace Cross | 1/26/09 1:26 PM
Taz's Gravatar Thank you, for the blog to vent on. It does help. I will vent also,
as it is the democratict way, NOT LAW, freedom "YOU SAY",
yet we be hold oursevle's to law of OUR peers, our peers do judge us.
"judge us" not us "WE ARE AMERICAN, WE DO NO WRONG"??
I think Jeff is the only rathonal one out the bunch.
I think you would not understand, equal of anything else
(let alone rights). Since we see only "OUR" problems.
Practice restraint, I know " mouth over rides
brain when angry", anger "focused on, put on" the wrong target
is wasted. Do not make theats ( another wasted thought) also Illegal
in most states and CAN be a TERRORISTIC act (By Just Saying). If
you do not like what they are doing, tell them. Do not Bitch &
Complain to the "Low man on the totum pole". If you had any god
given sence you would find out, instead of putting the first person
you talk to thought "HELL". I will say again Thank You Jeffry
# Posted By Taz | 2/4/09 2:12 AM
jean's Gravatar ive been sent 3 phones in a week because reps keep messing them up got my units and # switched after over a week of calling total of 9 hours on phone and was given over 1000 units for my trouble not so easy to deal with but hey 1000 units makes it much eaiser to swallow
# Posted By jean | 2/12/09 4:06 PM
# Posted By LOR | 2/17/09 10:28 PM
fusun turan's Gravatar Please give me an opinion what to do. I lost my trackfone, and i am a tourist in USA, i will leave next month actually but i wonder if
somebody use my trackfone now or after i left the country, is this situation cause a problem for me? (Maybe criminal or something i don't know the rules of the
country), so i am waiting for your opinion what should i do. Thank you...
# Posted By fusun turan | 2/27/09 11:03 PM
norman's Gravatar thanks for a place to vent. i've had a 2126 nokia for a couple years now. the minutes are a complete ripoff, and adding airtime is nearly always a hassle involving the code-input catholic high mass on
the phone with the other side of the world. yesterday, i got one of those 'optimize you network capabilities' nonsense messages, and my phone can be revived for short periods, but the handwriting's
on the wall. TRASHFONE sucks..DON'T get into's like a cult..once you're in bed with them for double minutes, you have to keep going to recoup what you've spent.. i'm glad mine's finally dead i won't be back.
cell phones are pathetic anyway. ever been on a date (or seen someone on one) and one (or both) parties are on their phones? disgusting.
# Posted By norman | 3/5/09 2:13 PM
Molten's Gravatar Darn I hope I wont be one of the many that has had problems with this phone.I have had strong signal where my old ATT had just a couple bars.For the most part Im pleased with the phone so far but then again I've only had it a few days.
# Posted By Molten | 3/24/09 5:58 PM
Linda Taylor's Gravatar I used tracfone faithfully for over 6 years until Oct.
of 08-they did not honor double for life and sent over
4 replacements total. all reconditioned crap. I sug-
gest not buying double for life or Mins. as they will
not honoe and your phone will not work soon after-
it never broke but would not accept units-my hus-
band has same original candy bar phone -he did not
purchase any doubles and his still works when they
insist it is obsolete-we are not dumb asses-but only
used tracfone due to no towers in our area-last
one purchased thru e-bay they refused to acctivate-
all along they made me purchase new units so as not
to lose accumulated ones. What good does gracious
and purchased minutes do when the New Tracfone
does not work in a swamp area and the old ones
did-all expensive phones won't work here. It is
only needed because we are in hurricane and
tornado zone and loose power often. Linda
# Posted By Linda Taylor | 4/27/09 10:30 PM
monty jacobs's Gravatar I bought an LG tracfone a couple of years ago and it's been just fine. We ordered a Motorola tracfone from a distributor in Indiana for my wife on mothers day and to this day it still does not function properly. Even as I write this bitch note we're struggleing with tracfone to get minutes on it. As for the acidic remarks on this blog from the tracfone reps.....kiss my ass.
# Posted By monty jacobs | 5/7/09 1:17 PM
Teddy Banks's Gravatar Interaction Number 48104804, I have been battling Tracfone for a month or so now, trying to get our phones (we have two), to stop roaming, (they sent us two new phones presumably to fix this problem, Not), and to get all the minutes transferred to my new phone. They were supposed to call me in 24 to 48 hours, we don't know what year though.
# Posted By Teddy Banks | 5/8/09 11:57 PM
# Posted By RUTH MCDOWELL | 5/13/09 10:39 PM
Richard's Gravatar I recently moved to an area in West Texas that my Cell Provider did not cover. A friend gave me their Trac Fone and it worked just fine. I then I decided to have the number from my previous provider transfered to my TracFone. That is when all my problems started. Now neither phone is working and TracFone can't seem to resolve the issue. I will be forced to buy a new phone and go with a completely different carrier and cannot get my old phone number transfered since it is within the clutches of TracFone and they will not release it.
# Posted By Richard | 5/19/09 3:06 PM
Rep's Gravatar Well... for all Tracfone cust...... why do u complain about the reps that do not speak english clearly?... do you even care to learn another language? guess what ... that people speak even three different languages, they are studing majors at universities and they laugh of poor customers that not even know how to turn a ph on!!!! ... as a TF reps... let me tell you .. that we have a lot of patient with you people... but if a cust is not willing to treat another human being correctly ... we will treat you like a piece of nonsense human..... just because... =D
# Posted By Rep | 5/24/09 3:22 PM
tim eagan's Gravatar I red' my safe link tracfone in FL several mos ago and everyitime i try to call my paratransit or drs office or even the VA i get and call failed please check call restrictions notice. I cannot even get thru to the va national 1-888 lilne. I can also check my SSD balance online. what good is this? custormer help is useless.-
# Posted By tim eagan | 6/10/09 7:22 AM
Jeff's Gravatar Tracfone is the greatest i have ordered at leat 4 phones and each arrive within 3 days (for myself and family members)
I highly recommend them service and coverage is great
and for the price and peace of mind you cant beat it.
I only wish they would come out with newer web browser capable phones so you can check email
But the guy who wrote this article is wrong Tracfone Has Great Service!
# Posted By Jeff | 6/16/09 9:09 PM
Tom's Gravatar Anyone know why my 376G will receive calls, but when I try to dial out, I get a recording that says "the service is restricted...message M931. Two tries with tracfone reps, and still not working. (My C139 worked fine here).
# Posted By Tom | 6/20/09 4:22 PM
Tom's Gravatar Yea!
Don't know if tracfone fixed anything, but phone started working today.
# Posted By Tom | 6/22/09 5:31 PM
Cynthia's Gravatar I have been helping a friend with her Tracfone problems. She has had problems with her year old phone. Tracfone sent her a reconditioned phone. After adding airtime this phone became defective. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the service number Mr. Pollack posted I contacted Tracfone via their email address. This too is a farce. Tracfore does not stand by their products and refused to refund the price of the year old slightly used phone or the airtime. DO NOT use this company. There are other companies who have prepaid service and who know how to treat their customers with prompt action and respect.
# Posted By Cynthia | 9/11/09 4:41 PM
Herk's Gravatar I've had several tracfones. The first one's only problem was that the number had belonged to a lady who owed people a lot of money. I was still getting an occasional call for her two years later.

I don't remember why I replaced it, but I got another cheap tracfone and kept that for a couple of years and then I thought the battery wasn't holding very long so I went out and bought yet another one.

I tried to get the number and minutes to transfer to the new phone but it didn't work and I tried calling customer service. I was able to understand him though I had to get him to repeat several times, and the minutes got transfered, but the number was a problem. On the phone, it had the old number but the number that worked was actually different.

OK, I put up with that. Today, about a month later, I tried to add minutes. It was not the first time I added minutes. I got an error message that said that I was trying to put tracfone minutes on a Net10 phone. Sure enough, instead of "units" the phone says I have "minutes" left. Somehow, the phone switched from tracfone to Net10.

I tried to figure out the best course of action and decided that the easiest fix was to get yet another tracfone, take whatever number they gave me, put the new minutes on it instead of the old phone. Not too many people know my number so it doesn't take long to notify them.

Since the phone is still charging, I can't say whether the minutes took or not. I have not had any problems in the past with minutes not working.
# Posted By Herk | 9/11/09 11:36 PM
Amy's Gravatar I have Tracfone nightmares. I have spent many days and many hours on the phone trying to resolve a technical matter. The reps have been wonderful and very professional. My beef is with Tracfone's inability to quickly identify, manage, and resolve problems that go beyond the front line tech's level of expertise. There is a weakness in their technical department's organizational department to excalate and followup. Everyday for a week, I had to go through the front line technical people and their polite, courteous, scripts over and over before I would be escalated the the next level. On average, I would be transferred to 6 different people, only to receive ANOTHER "ticket" number. Each time they promised it would be resolved, but it still has not. I have a pile of technical ticket numbers that no one seems to be able to access due to a "system error". Well, our trials make us stronger!
# Posted By Amy | 10/1/09 2:31 PM
epthorn's Gravatar I have to wonder how much better this would be for everyone if Tracfone went ahead and hired some savvy tech guys to improve their website services. Sure, customer service is a drain and that's why it's outsourced- but why not make many of these problems solvable through internet? Most people who use tracfone probably are using the internet anyway.

Take me, for example. My 376g has a broken screen, so I'm going to go ahead and buy a new phone (probably a cheaper one- I'm rough on my phones). Wouldn't it be nice if I could easily:

1) Verify that the bottom can happen
2) Switch my number onto the new phone
3) Carry-over the correct minutes AND Double Minutes card?

It would prevent another call to C.S. and save me and the company time (and stress).
# Posted By epthorn | 10/2/09 11:33 PM
Genie Hindall's Gravatar I have had a frustrating 3 weeks with Tracfone. I purchased 120 minutes for $29.99 at Radio Shack. Apparently these minutes transferred went to the Motorola phone which no longer works. Radio Shack will not refund the money. THey tell me they can transfer the minutes if I come in and buy a new phone for about $30. Radio shack said the phones are designed to last about one year. It is not worth the frustration, time, effort or money. We are getting rid of it. !!!!!
# Posted By Genie Hindall | 10/6/09 7:21 PM
sam's Gravatar I bought a tracfone and it has been a terrible experience.
I have had it for 3 weeks and have not been able to use it. Each time I call I am put on hold multipe times and
spend at least an hour on the is absolutely ridiculous. I am going to return the phone to Target, but Tracfone
will not refund my money for the minutes that I purchased. How can I remedy this?
# Posted By sam | 10/8/09 7:14 PM
Guest of the Baskervilles's Gravatar Who are all these idiots insisting TRACFONE is an "American" Company? It's AMERICAN all right--North American. TRACFONE is owndd by a MEXICAN guy--he also owns NET 10 as well, and administers SAFELINK (phones for poor people). I think it's kind of funny that people gripe about the service and then use the opportunity to gripe about America, as in the USA, and Americans--it's rather, er, xenophobic conduct. Also, to my ear, most of the reps servicing USA are from Jamaica, not South Africa or India.
# Posted By Guest of the Baskervilles | 10/17/09 6:22 AM
Brenda's Gravatar I have been a Tracfone customer for 12+ years. Until 2 weeks ago, I had no problem with the service. I have 'no' use of the web, get a message across the screen that says "Check Data Restrictions-36". I have spent over 2 hours (2 different days) on the phone with tracfone, to end up where I started. Neither 'Customer Care Rep' has a clue as to how to fix this. Both answers are to call back in 24 hours if it hs not changed.(I think so I get a different rep! ) I am ready to close all 5 of my family phone out. Errrrrrrr !
# Posted By Brenda | 10/21/09 10:50 PM
tracfone sucks's Gravatar The problems that are POSSIBLE are too many to mention. I tried Net 10 once and lost over $100 in the cost of the phone and the airtime I had bought and neither Walmart or Tracfone would refund me or do anything about it. My last Tracfone, that I was happy with and had a local number was deemed obsolete (sounds like a Twilight Zone episode) and stopped working, lost my airtime and had to go buy a new phone. I can't count the hours spent on the phone going in circles and getting nowhere with their "reps" from hell. I've also had to repeat my problems with both my parents tracfones because the same things happened to them and I did all the dirty work for them. To hell with Tracfone de Mexico.
# Posted By tracfone sucks | 11/4/09 12:40 AM
frustrated's Gravatar I have never been so frustrated with a company as I am with Tracfone. I believe the best description of this company is "Everyone is happy as long as you buy more time..." But have a problem with a phone, or even try to do something as simple as
upgrade to a "newer" phone (or really...just another obsoleted model phone - come on, Mr Pollack...) and the whole world comes to an end. Don't even think of asking a question that isn't on the Que card... You'll get the proverbial " Can you please hold
for 2 minutes while I speak to my Supervisor".. really... everything can be solved in 2 minutes? I spent 2 hours on teh phone tonight trying to get this resolved.. and after speaking with 5 people, from 3 help desk persons, to a supervisor, and then a
"manager", I'm told that basically I'm without a phone. "But with you persmission, we'll mail you a new SIM card, which you should receive in 3-4 days" WONDERFUL.. In the meantime, I'm missing calls from potential interviewers. I wish I had read this
blog before I considered "upgrading" to a "newer" phone. I think it would have been easier to just go buy a new phone. Afterall, that's what the help desk told me I should have done. But wait.... I just did that. The problem is that you, Mr Pollack,
in your infinite wisdom, have decided to make sure that all of the SIM cards you use become proprietary, by pre-programming them with the SIM's serial number and the Phone's serial number. STUPID idea. I wonder how much you're spending on
a cripled customer service that really can't handle most of the calls they recieve? T-Mobile doesn't have this problem (my wife has their service, and I've upgraded her phone 4 times, and have yet to have to use a new SIM card. Common sense tells you that you shouldn't marry the SIM and phone together... just atach the phone to the SIM card. Why would you care if they've upgraded the phone? And it would save you a lot of money in inventory and service problems.

I took the time to read all of these....

One thing is certain - I would expect the person that thinks they can help me with a problem with their product, to be more intelligent regarding their product than I.

and yes, this IS "America". "America" is not a continent. "North America" is a continent. "South America" is a continent.

I will admit, for the amount of time I spend talking on a cell phone, Tracfone makes sense. What doesn't make sense, is it's business model and "policies". These are the reasons I would guess that
Tracfone doesn't have many long-term customers.

Bad business model.
# Posted By frustrated | 11/8/09 12:17 AM
Maria Holland's Gravatar I bought a tracfone for my son for Christmas. I have made 9 phones calls to them. My husband is currently on the phone with them now and has been for
over 2 hours. The phone has never worked. They have promised to send us a new sims card, but have never delivered. When asked to speak to a superior
they are unavailable. It is the most frustrating experience I have ever had. DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. THEY DON'T WORK, AND WHEN
THEY DON'T THEY WON'T GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. THEY ARE A SCAM. I REPEAT. THEY ARE A SCAM. They make promises to shut you up and give you bogus
case numbers that don't track. Their employees are trained to send you to another number and many times this number doesn't work. After an hour
of trying to get a resolution, you end up hanging up because you finally get transferred to a number that doesn't work. I REPEAT. TRACFONE IS A SCAM.
# Posted By Maria Holland | 1/31/10 8:10 PM
# Posted By SUSAN PARKER | 2/5/10 11:29 PM
Tom Atkinson's Gravatar I bought my Tracfone 2 days ago, I know nothing about using cell phones, plus I live out in the country and have to walk outside of the house to make a connection. Friday night had problems cause I tried to set up before it was fully charges, Sat had the phone activated but still could not send or rec calls, called customer service and I am hard of hearing, but the reps were real nice and solved my problem in about 3 mins. Phone is working great, and am able to check voicemail just fine from my landline phone, and this being my first cell phone, Moto 206g $9 at walmart, I am thrilled learning curve was not that bad. If I have any of the above problems people are having will just go buy a new tracfone for $9 and save all the hassle and never carry a lot of minutes like more than 60 then if I lose them no big deal, losing $9 bucks is no big deal either at least not worth the hassle everyone above choose to put themselves thru. I do not see the point of carrying large amounts of extra minutes that could disappear on you as the purpose of Tracfone and Net 10 and anyother pre paid service, is for people who do not use a cell phone much, if you need that much time you really should be on a regular type sevice from a major carrier. I am happy with the reps that helped me, plus the research on problems that the internet provides.
# Posted By Tom Atkinson | 2/14/10 11:54 AM
Reality Check's Gravatar Tracfone for no reason whatsoever, deactivated my phone that had over a year service on it & over 500 minutes on it, claiming falsely that the phone wasn't deducting time when used.

The phone was sitting on a table when it spontaneously deactivated. I saw it actually go to the "UNREGISTERED SIM" message. I called Tracfone Customer Service the first time, telling them the bizarre thing that had just happened. The rep said they would immediately reactivate the phone within 24 hours. The phone was never reactivated.

I called Tracfone again. This time a rep went through a bunch of troubleshooting codes and finally said he would have to send me a new SIM card and then they would reactivate my phone.


THE FOURTH TIME I CALLED, a customer service rep told me the phone couldn't be reactivated unless I called another office. I pointed out that customer service had told me several times already that my phone would be reactivated & a new SIM card would be sent to me but I hadn't ever received it. She ignored that comopletely. Then she gave me the phone number for the "other office, which was the same phone number for customer service I had always called!!!! the only number TF gives out for their customer service number!)
I told her that the number she gave me, was just the same tracfone customer service number I'd been using, so she offered to switch me to the other office. I got promptly disconnected.

I called back, only to get another rep who went claimed I had to call another office to reactivate the phone, but this one told me the people in the other office had gone home for the day and to call back the next day.

The next day when I called back, I got a customer service representative who claimed I had to talk to the other office & she promptly put me on hold, and left me on hold 45 minutes then disconnected me.

Again I called back, and this time I got a customer service rep who claimed I needed to buy a new phone because my phone had been deactivated because it wasn't deducting minutes. I protested that the phone was deducting just fine when used.
I had purchased a year 400 minute card & added it on Dec 5th, with double minutes & a bonus code I had a total of 1100 minutes added to the phone....BY DEC 13, I HAD ONLY A LITTLE OVER 500 MINUTES ON THE PHONE, although I hadn't used the phone nearly that much! (I only use my tf for texting, not talking & I'm not a heavy texter even!)
She insisted it wasn't even though I pointed out that a month and a half before the spontaneous deactivation, I had just purchased a year card with 400 minutes on it doubled to 800 plus 250 bonus minutes.

She said she didn't care what I said, the phone wasn't deducting minutes so they had deactivated it.

I tested the phone by sending a text message, which of course didn't get sent anywhere because of the phone being deactivated, BUT THE PHONE DEDUCTED .30 minute CORRECTLY JUST LIKE IT HAD BEEN DOING FOR THE 3 YEARS I'VE HAD IT NOW!!!! Tracfone always has deducted minutes even for text messages that fail to get sent at all, another little way they steal from their customers all the time.

I offered to send photographic proof that the phone was indeed correctly deducting time when used, either by email or snail mail, to prove it was fine. I had photographed the screen before and after the text message, to show that the phone had deducted time properly.

I asked to talk to the girl's supervisor who put someone else on the phone who gave me the same false claim that the phone had been deactivated because it wasn't deducting time when used. I offered to send the photographic proof to whomever in the tracfone office could do something to resolve my problem and get my phone reactivated. She said THEY DIDNT NEED TO SEE ANY PROOF BECAUSE THEIR OFFICE WAS WHO MADE THE DECISIONS WHOSE PHONE THEY WANT TO DEACTIVATE (those were her exact words too... WANT TO DEACTIVATE!!!!)

To make a long story short, I talked to two more Tracfone customer representatives and got nothing except the same false claim that the phone was deactivated for not deducting, as well as repeat refusals when I offered to email or snail mail photographic proof the phone was properly deducting.

The last time I called to try to get my phone reactivated, I went through everything again, telling the rep that customer service had promised me several times to send me a new SIM card & reactivate my phone, but I never received it, and then when I called back, customer service representatives were claiming my phone wasn't deducting minutes but I had even taken photographs to prove it was deducting properly and could send the photographic proof to whomever needed to see it. This rep said she would transfer me to another office, and she transferred me to another representative who of course needed me to tell the whole story from the beginning again, who transferred me to another one who again needed everything repeated from the beginning. This went on for almost FOUR HOURS as
Tracfone customer service representatives REFUSED to let me speak to anyone in management, and transferred me back and forth between different customer service reps, until finally the last rep who I tried to get help from, took Tracfone's horrific lack of decency or ethics to a whole new dimension.

I asked the girl if they could send me a new SIM card like I'd been promised by customer service representatives they would do in the first place. She said no, because the people in the other office said it's deactivated and that's just the way it is. You have to buy a new phone.

I asked the rep if the phone wasn't deducting, why didn't I still have 1052 minutes on it (I had bought the card with 2 min left on the phone, making 1052 minutes and extending service until year 2012) instead of only 500 plus minutes left on it.

The service rep said she didn't care, that the people in the "other office" whatever that is, says the phone was deactivated and cannot be reactivated and then said "They said you can't tell them what to do, if they want to deactivate your phone, you can't do anything about it, you're not in charge of them!"

I told the rep that I had photographic proof that the phone WAS deducting properly and she said, "I DONT CARE WHAT PROOF YOU HAVE, THE OTHER OFFICE SAID YOURE NOT THEIR BOSS AND IF THEY SAY THE PHONE IS DEACTIAVED, ITS DEACTIVATED AND YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I asked if I could speak to management, and she said, MANAGEMENT NEVER TALKS TO THE CUSTOMERS, THEY DONT HAVE TO!


I asked her about the phone's remaining 500 plus minutes & almost 2 years svc time on it (I had just purchased a year card with 400 minutes on it doubled to 800 plus 250 bonus minutes, a month & a half before Tracfone wrongly spontaneously deactivated it!!!! I asked her how could they just deactivate my phone and claim it wasn't deducting when it WAS DEDUCTING AND I COULD PROVE THAT IT WAS DEDUCTING?


Then she hung up on me.

So after 3 plus years of being a good customer of Tracfone, buying 3 phones from them, buying airtime regularly from them, I had my phone wrongly deactivated a month and a half after buying a 90 dollar card for it, I had empty promises and empty assurances from the first few customer service representatives that they would reactivate my phone, then I was told they would send me a new SIM & reactivate my phone, then came the false claim that the phone wasn't deducting & the worst treatment I've ever gotten from any business EVER, ending with the laughter of the customer service representatives as that last girl delivered her hateful remarks in an extremely nasty tone of voice, ending in the cruel cussing grand finale when she hung up on me.

I was patient throughout the whole ordeal from first call to that last rep's cussing hangup, never got rude or angry in my tone of voice, never cussed or insulted anybody, even offering photographic proof that the phone was deducting, WHAT MORE COuLD I HAVE DONE TO TRY TO GET TRACFONE TO DO WHATS RIGHT AND REACTIVATE MY PHONE LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD?

I wonder if those who own the company approve of this way of doing business with their customers. (I find it exceptionally vile too, that "management never talks to the customers, EVER")

I think that someone who has some kind of authority and power within Tracfone, should do the right thing, reactivate my phone & give me a large number of minutes of airtime to make up for the wrongful deactivation and all the time & effort I spent trying to resolve it, & all the shock, pain (especially at being laughed at by multiple reps as that girl talked so nastily to me), frustration, and horror at the brutal way I was treated.
# Posted By Reality Check | 2/15/10 10:09 PM
ronaldwmduncan's Gravatar the service all cell phone companies are horrible and tracphone isnt any different cept it is cheap compared to the others so congrats on that issue international calling i cant make it and when i call customer service over 2 hours on hold to wait to talk to some one sorry i fell asleep listenting to ur elevator music. I am fustrated no matter how much or how little money i pay for cell phone service it is all still the same complete phailure. Sprint robbed me blind tracfone tries to nickle and dime me to
death. Is there anyone or thing that actually provides the service it says it does for the money paid or is it all just sheer robbery i give up . this might as well be the healthcare system
# Posted By ronaldwmduncan | 2/16/10 8:11 PM
bill's Gravatar Reality check, your story is a typical example of tracfone madness. It can be a living hell dealing with such a situation and I've been in the same situation several times with tracfone and their evil twin Net10. My last go around was when tracfone decided to deem our phones obsolete and deactivate my phone and both of my elderly parents phone and make us buy new ones and lose hundreds of minutes. It sounds like the tracfone "representatives" are enacting some kind of revenge on some of us for unknown reasons. I'm sure a lot of frustrated customers give them hell on the phone and I don't blame them. Then some of us pay for that.
Ronald, to answer your question, I say NO, there is no cell phone service that gives you what you pay for and as advertised. Technology keeps taking backwards steps. We get to a point where certain technology gets to a pinnacle and we're happy with the way it works, then some geek sitting behind a computer somewhere decides to fix something that isn't broken. It happens constantly. Just look at how Bill Gates finally got it halfway right with XP. Then the dreaded Vista came along and took a giant leap backwards.
On my present tracfone, I avoid any of their special offers like double minutes and all that. I just buy 90 minutes at a time so I have less to lose when tracfone decides to push a button on their keyboard and inactivate my phone. I've seen too many horror stories on people losing hundreds of dollars over and over. One rule to remember is that tracfone is one way. You pump money into their system, but none ever comes back. There are never any refunds and you don't have a leg to stand on when these things happen.
# Posted By bill | 3/1/10 4:34 PM
Rick G.'s Gravatar I've read all the posts regarding Tracphone customer reps' lack of English skills. I've been callimg them for three weeks trying to settle an issue. Each time, an unintelligible "Spanglish" speaker gets miffed when I tell her I can't understand her! I then wait 20-30 minutes for an equally ignorant "supervisor". Then, they send an email telling me how they "resolved" my problem! Fact is, do not bother with the customer service number. They are all "off the boat" low life mud people. The one blogger was right. When you get frustrated and ask for a supervisor, they simply dump you into the waiting line for the next available non-English speaker! Funny thing is, they do not see that any issue exists! They view themselves as "Americans" simply because they come from South America! Don't you know that we should be learning THEIR language? Let's all tell Tracphone that they hire English speaking (American) employees or we should boycott the company. I'll bet their CEO/COO/CFO speak pretty good English! Start callin g that corporate number for all issues!
# Posted By Rick G. | 3/6/10 2:38 PM
Puppycake's Gravatar I just finished a moderately frustrating experience of porting my old # to a new phone, but it did finally get resolved. I've been using Tracfones for years and years, and since I'm not a frequent caller, it's a great deal for me. As for the cs reps not speaking the greatest English, yes, it's frustrating, but I just try to be patient and follow the instructions, and it generally works out.
# Posted By Puppycake | 3/12/10 10:37 PM
jon's Gravatar WOW...after years of dealing with inferior customer support with the usual c/s number, I tried this one ....100% satisfied with the service calling this c/s number....thank you...
# Posted By jon | 3/22/10 5:42 PM
Dionne's Gravatar I HATE TRACFONE!!! Somehow they gave a new customer my ACTIVE telephone # (that Ive had for 5yrs) and no one from the company can explain how this occurred. I've called the company several times daily since 3/31/2010 and each time I'm told that it will be escalated. I am currently without phone service and they want me to have my # changed. I have employment applications with that # and all of my business contacts have that #.
# Posted By Dionne | 4/5/10 4:59 PM
Michael Casher's Gravatar Tracfone is the best buy for me because I only use it for family emergencies and to call home from the supermarket instead of buying the wrong things, etc. But if I'm not on a hill, I have no service at all and Tracfone is inconsistent with their processing of my monthly Value Plan payments and emailing conformation. But, still, I pay ten bucks a month and can call anywhere in the world. The Tracfone reps are also very friendly compared to Verizon reps. Tracfone beats by old Verizon plan hands down becasue I lost unused minutes each month with Verizon, put up with dropped calls and had to endure hard sales pitches to upgrade all the time. There will never be the perfect mobile phone plan for me but Tracfone is as close as I'll ever get to it.
# Posted By Michael Casher | 4/6/10 6:27 PM
Michael Casher's Gravatar Oops. Please excuse the typos in my previous post. Value Plan payments and emailing "conformation" is a boo-boo. It should be "confirmation". And Tracfone beats "by" old Verizon plan is a boo-boo, too. It is "my" old Verizon plan... Thanks for letting a near-sighted old guy post this correction.
# Posted By Michael Casher | 4/6/10 8:56 PM
Tee's Gravatar Just upgraded my tracfone to the new lg290c. Great phone I will say. Customer service? So so. All the things that I was told the phone couldn't do, it does them. One important thing that the phone is suppose to do for me, international calls, it cannot. CS rep was polite, tried to help but couldn't. Supervisor was not of help either. This is my first problem with TF after 6 years. I have been told the problem will be resolved after 24 hours. Although I doubt it, I will take them for their word. BTW, lg290c is a cool phone. If you use tracfone or thinking of getting one, I recommend that to you, especially if you can get if for $19.99 as I did. Try kmart and sears stores first.
# Posted By Tee | 4/10/10 11:09 PM
Kevin Jones.'s Gravatar Tracfone is nothing more than a bunch of forgien ripoff artist, I feel if Tracfone is doing business in the US that they should be held accountable for their
business pratices. I highley suggest to use another phone service, Tracfone is nothing more than over seas thugs trying to rip off Americans.
Do Not buy Tracfone No Contracts No Support No Service.
Tracfone is a Joke.......
# Posted By Kevin Jones. | 5/17/10 10:55 AM
lisa's Gravatar TRACFONE SUCKS!!!!!!! I got this phone for Christmas, no problems until now. I could not see the pictures that came with text. I called customer service, and they had me take out sim card, and the battery, turn the phone off, turn it back on, reprogram the phone, anything that they could read off their script card. Nothing worked. I was told if it keeps happening to call them back, and they would send me a new phone. Of course, I had to call them back. Every time you call, they tell you to hold for 2-3 minutes while they check their notes, they come back and ask the same questions over again, the tell you to hold for another 2-3 minutes, while they talk to their supervisor. WHAT SUPERVISOR??????? I understand that is it not the reps fault, but just tell the truth, you do not have an answer or a supervisor. Anyway called back to have them send me a new phone, had to go through all the steps again, cause no one understands English!!!!!!!Talked to someone who said that I would be receiving my new phone in 3-5 days, and that I need to call back when I receive the phone to transfer all of my info to the new phone. Well needless to say 4 days later, and no phone they deactivated my phone. JACKASSES!!!!!!! I had to call them again to have my phone re-activated until the new phone arrives. The rep then told me tha the new phone I was supposed to have in 3-5 days had not even left their warehouse, that I would receive the phone in another 3-5 days, and I would have my phone re- activated when I got the new phone. Some idiot decided to transfer my info to a phone that didn't even leave their warehouse yet, leaving me with no phone at all. No one could understand what I was saying. BLEEPING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE HOW MANY HOURS THEY WORK, AND HOW LONG THEIR BREAK IS, I WANT SOMEONE THAT CAN UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, AND ALSO SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!! ANYONE WHO WORKS THERE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW THEY HAVE TO LIE TO PEOPLE. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, 10 FOLD. MAYBE THERE WOULDN'T BE SO MANY PROBLEMS IF THE COMPANY WAS BASED IN THE U.S.A., WHERE YOU ACCTUALLY GET SOME KIND OF SERVICE,AND RESULTS. tracfone should be burnt to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# Posted By lisa | 5/24/10 7:34 PM
Ann's Gravatar It took me 3 hours to try to transfer my minutes from one phone to another. I had to speak with 3 people and not one of them could understand me properly (I was born and raised in the US - I speak perfect English). I could not believe what a bunch of morons I was dealing with....I had to repeat myself over and over....and the only way it got resolved was by threatening to call the BBB on them. Horrible customer service and their phones are not the greatest either - they are defective after a few months so you have to purchase a new one - stay away from tracfone!!
# Posted By Ann | 5/24/10 11:25 PM
Mike's Gravatar I have a TracFone in which I let the time lapse for
subscription renewal, the time period had lapsed
approximately two weeks. I also found out that my
645 minutes of air-time had also lapsed, air-time
that I had paid for. I attempted to purchase new air-
time, but the representitives WOULD NOT credit my
645 minutes that were paid for.
# Posted By Mike | 6/9/10 8:02 PM
Brent's Gravatar Would never recommend Tracfone. Our two phones have had continous issues deducting double minutes for every minute used. Probably over 20 hours with customer service or the last 6 months. At one point they wouldn't send replacement phone unless they tried to shut off service and turn back on, but no guarantee have same phone number. Last time phone was fixed, was only reimbursed 50 mintes for around 100 lost. Ths last time sent another replacement phone but rep only wated to give me new phone or lost minutes, not both. Rep lied to me saying ticket in system would do both to get me off the phone, but found out when activating new phone that ticket only coverd activating replacement phone and not adding lost minutes. Now taking up issue with corporate.
# Posted By Brent | 6/16/10 3:02 PM
George's Gravatar Tracfone customer service sucks. I am getting rid of mine no matter what. I don't care if I have to pay more.
They are absolutely awful. I have too many issues to go into here. Just be assured, they are not worth it.
Do yourself a favor and do not get involved with Tracfone. You will regret it over time.
# Posted By George | 6/17/10 5:41 PM
gh's Gravatar had > 300 units -mid sentence service lost and units
0.0 after 2 cs reps and 11/2 hr on phone only most
recent units restored --1st rep said call must have
been made and not ended and that used units up!
Phone had not been on all day. Units there when
phone turned on- was told they had no way to see
what units on the phone---most recent units restored
after I said when credit card bill came I was not
paying for the trac phone card purchased last week
Yes CS rep and supervisor DIFFICULT to hear as well
as understand. Have had a phone for yrs and this
is the 1st time this has happened
# Posted By gh | 6/30/10 12:46 PM
Emmett Toomey's Gravatar Neighbor and I have the same model trac phones. She gets 3 bars I get none. Why? in the same locations here in West Virginia
# Posted By Emmett Toomey | 7/3/10 12:28 PM
Mary  Dressel's Gravatar Thanks so much for that 1-800 number. After being on hold for 2 hours, I went on line, discovered your blog and tried that number. I finally got a competent person! hurrah!
# Posted By Mary Dressel | 8/5/10 6:04 PM
Ernie Gill's Gravatar I too have been screwed by TracFone through their subsidiery Net10 in the very same ways as the rest of you who have had number porting problems. It seems some smart lawyer ought to make himself and a lot of the rest of us some money by filing a class action suit over the false advertising and other misrepresentation and tortious negligence which asre the habit of this company. I know I would certainly sign up.
# Posted By Ernie Gill | 8/26/10 3:20 PM
Pauline's Gravatar I ordered two Tracfones on Aug 4, 2010 from the website. Both were
Samsung T101G models with double minutes for life programmed into the phone. I
wanted to keep my previous cell phone numbers, so that\'s how I activated the
new Tracfones online through their website. My phone #1, worked. The #2 phone
said SIM not registered.
So, I called customer service... (outsourced - you cannot speak to an
English-speaking American) they tried troubleshooting, then transferred me to
tech support. After many calls, taking about NINE hours, and asking for a
supervisor, they agreed to send me a new SIM card for phone #2. (It took that
long because they would hang up (accidentally?) and/or I got a rep who didn\'t
understand and I had to call again.) Oh, and if you use your Tracfone to call
them, it uses your minutes.
So, while waiting for the new SIM card, I found out that my phone #1 was
not able to receive incoming calls. ? I decided to wait until I got the SIM
card for phone #2, and call from someone else\'s phone (landline) to resolve
both problems.
The SIM card came, and I installed it. You still need to call them to
program the codes to get it to work. I call them and get a rep who seems to
understand and speak good English. We program the phone #2, and it turns on.
YAY! So far, so good.
I proceed to mention about how my phone #1 hasn\'t and isn\'t able to
receive incoming calls. He \"researches\" and tells me I cannot keep my
transferred phone number. Since this is the primary phone on my Sprint account,
and we kept the same phone number for #2, that we just fixed, I said that
doesn\'t even make sense. I already have the number assigned to the phone and
I\'ve been making calls with it! His reply was oh, you can make outgoing calls?
(Was he even listening to me?) Up to this point, I\'ve been on the phone for
an hour already -- I\'ve been patient, but I\'m losing my cool.
He has tech support still waiting on his line, and he puts me on hold many
times to talk with them. While waiting for him, I notice #2 phone now says SIM
not registered. (??? Can you believe it???) He comes back to me and says, \"In
this case,\" your phone #1, will not be able to get incoming calls. In what
case? \"The case that I transferred them online.\" What?! Do you feel my
frustration? I am NOT even going to start over with the #2 phone either. That
was my breaking point! I said, I give up, and I\'m sending these phones back.
I wanted to speak with a supervisor.
The supervisor explains to me she needs the order number from the purchase
order. I said, I am not at home, and I did not intend to send them back when I
called, so I don\'t have it. I have worked in customer service for many years
as a phone rep, and I know that if she doesn\'t have access to the records, they
can call the correct department to get it. She could at least email the
request. I told her I expect HER as a supervisor to be able to get that
information and process my refund request. She tells me, she is NOT a
supervisor! SIGH
She transfers me to her \"supervisor\" Angelie. Angelie asks me my name...
and tells me I have to have the order number to process a refund request. I say
that she needs to take initiative to contact whoever and get the info she needs
to assist me. (Isn\'t that customer service?) So, she says she will escalate
and get the order number. It will take 24 to 48 hours to process. Thank you,
but now she wants to know how much I paid for the phones, so that she can
request the refund. I say, I don\'t remember, - it will be on the paperwork
with the order number. She insists that she needs that info to further assist
me. I ask for her supervisor, she says she\'s the manager, and has no boss. I
ask for company owner or president information, can does not give me any other
contacts for Tracfone.
After realizing she was not going to give me any contact info, I gave her
my summary of expectations. I wanted them to send me the instructions to send
the phones back for a refund -- and I wanted the info sent to me by email. She
asked for a phone number to call me back. I said I do not have a working number
and I\'m not going to put out someone else to use their landline. She stopped
talking to me, and after several hellos from me ... she said\" thank you for
calling Tracfone\". That was her signal to say she was done. (I guess their
policy is to not hang up first.)
After thinking about the call, when I got home, I decided to email the
Tracfone customer service. I wrote about my conversation with Angelie and
mentioned I didn\'t have confidence in her resolving my problem. The next day
they replied saying they needed to speak with me to finish the process.
By now, I have gone back to Sprint and renewed my contract. So, I email
them my phone number. I was called within the hour, and what do they ask me?
What are the serial numbers of the phones? I couldn\'t believe it! I asked
them what else do they need, because in my email to them I wrote at the bottom,
my name, address, Tracfone #\'s and serial numbers. She said we need the serial
numbers. I said, READ MY EMAIL, and I hung up. Yes, I was rude. I then sent
an email to them and said don\'t call my number again.
TODAY I got an email with the address to return the phones. (my expense)
They say it will take 30 days for refund. The 186 remaining minutes on the
phones will not be refunded. I think they could have at least paid for shipping
back to them, if not the minutes. I used all my minutes to call them, and had
to purchase more.
I said all this to say - If you buy a Tracfone and it works, great! If you
need customer service for any reason, prepare for frustration. They read from
script, and don\'t pass on information from one rep to another. If you get
transferred, you have to tell them your name, serial numbers, and detail about
what the problem is AGAIN. If they listen, you might get an appropriate
response - otherwise you have to rephrase to get them to understand. Good luck

Oh, and I did get company contact info from the BBB. That\'s my next step!
# Posted By Pauline | 8/28/10 6:29 AM
Jose's Gravatar I was working as a Tracfone representative in customer care in Buenos Aires in Argentina @ Montañeses 2180 in the sector of Belgrano. The place is like a hell. You have a supervisor who is playing all day on computer and a lot of girls they just make fun of the people calling by phone and say bad things and that say most people in USA using tracfone are stupid black peoples. They are also taking customer privacy information like a social security number and selling by internet to people to do fraud activities. The owner of this company is called VMBC his name is Jesse Crowe which is also a telemarketting company that makes those calls to phones to bother people about campains for selling things. People calling this office by VOIP phone and ask not to keep calling them we told the manager Maria Clara Bravo she tell us to hang up on the phone for anybody who complains. Jesse Crowe is a criminal he had to pay a big fine to government in USA for making illegal calls to people house and cell phone and he says no problem. He live in a big house in California and driving a Porsche car. He come to our office in Argentina sometime and he pays the girls to hang around with him and for massage. He is old but they go because they are getting money from him for favors. Obviously he is taking advantage that Argentina cost less for employees he pays about 400 per month for full time working. We look at salary for this job by internet and in USA it is paying about 3000 per month. This is why Jesse Crowe open tracfone call center in Argentina to save all of this kinds of money. Jesse also teach us new word says tracfone customers white trash or are dumb black but paying our bills so be nice by phone or if customer getting nasty or asking too much questions just hang up who cares if they call back.
# Posted By Jose | 8/30/10 8:47 PM
olga's Gravatar Thank you Jose, for telling your story. I believe every word of it. Too bad Jeffry Houser takes so long to "approve" posts and also too bad he then allows the same post to be posted 3 times.
# Posted By olga | 9/11/10 12:14 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar olga,

Thanks for the abuse.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 9/11/10 12:22 AM
rio's Gravatar have had tracfone for 2 yrs. horrible customer svc probs in the beginning, but once everything was finally settled and figured out, have not had probs since, except that the reception is terrible. it's cheaper than getting on a contract w/ one of the other companies. i never run out of minutes, but run out of time, so always have to renew to be able to use my minutes. will try to use them up this time around and get on with someone different. don't like supporting these types of people. thank you for running this blog. it is a big help to all of us.
# Posted By rio | 9/11/10 1:25 AM
j's Gravatar I have 2 tracfones because they are economical for people like my husband and I, who basically use the phones for
emergency communications. I have upgraded phones on my number twice, and had trouble each time. The inability
to efficiently communicate with customer service was the problem every time. Each time I communicated what I
wished to accomplish and was assured the endeavor would be no problem. Each time my number was ported
correctly, but reactivating the old phone with a new number caused me to lose my 'double minutes for the life' of the
old phone, and having to get a new sim card for the old phone (also not explained until after it was too late).

I feel for the service reps in this position because it isn't their fault. Neither is it my fault that we have this communi-
cation barrier. I am not what one would consider the stereotype of an 'ugly American'. No, I cannot speak spanish. But
if I am in the United States, purchasing a product sold for use in the US, by a company doing business in the US, it
only makes sense that customer service for said product should be able to communicate with residents from the
US. If Tracfone expects US customers to speak spanish to get reasonable customer service, then the tracfone packaging
should state this.

Asking for a supervisor did get me a new sim card mailed courtesy of tracfone, whereas the regular rep insisted that
I must go to a tracfone store and buy my own.
# Posted By j | 11/17/10 2:03 AM
DB's Gravatar I've been dealing with Tracfone for nearly two weeks, about 12 hours on the phone trying to get my phone number transfered and credit back to my credit card for minutes purchased that haven't been added to my phone. I just get the run around and told call back in 24 hours. I've had it with this company. Is there any way of getting problems resolved with them?
# Posted By DB | 12/2/10 5:05 PM
Gary's Gravatar HORRIBLE NET10 LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE! Do not talk to a "supervisor" called Israel...with a Sprint rep on the line who endured a 92 minute conversation trying to port my number, heard all of NET 10's b.s. policy and stalling tactics before he hung up on me!!

Also, don't talk to a rep named Ashton who, when I called back, decided his friends were more important than doing his job, put me on mute for 6 minutes, then when I requested to speak with a supervisor to complain about him, put me on hold for 2 seconds, came back on the line and had me on mute for another minute, then when I said, "Ashton, I'm still waiting for you to transfer the call to a supervisor, hung up on me.

Over the years, I've had to endure the reps play many phone games with customers (place them on hold, place them on mute, pretend to go to pretend supervisors), not admit that systems fail and do the right thing. It is a failure in management to not address these issues. They really sucked and improved maybe marginally and faked JD Power into giving them a logo to place on their website.

Back story: I have 2 Net 10 phones, mine and my wife. Been with Tracfone and Net 10 for over 11 years. I finally bought a smartphone. Since Net 10 doesn't sell smartphones, I had to go elsewhere.

Day before my smartphone arrives, I call Net 10 to have 230 of 248 minutes transferred to my wife's phone. Done. I think the rep that helps me out is an angel. WRONG! She forgets to tell me that once you transfer minutes, the phone you are transferring from is deactivated!!! BTW...I don't know this yet because: 1) she didn't tell me, 2) my phone still worked after the call and the following day!

The next day I get my smartphone and I go to deactivate and call sprint. Sprint conference calls me into Net 10 to find out my number is deactivated. That's when I learned about transferring minutes deactivates the phone (That is the biggest ripoff policy and I will be writing more about it).

I escalate the call to "supervisor" Israel and after he stalls me initially, I request to speak with a manager. He refuses. I ask at least 6 more times (Net 10: pull the call, you'll hear all of it.) he says, no one else can handle this.

Israel then tells me in order to reactivate my number, I have to put minutes on my account. I tell him my service is working and I have at least 18 minutes left. No response. Then Israel says I will need to buy a minutes card to reactivate the number.

WHAT? Let's see...Net 10 made a mistake by not telling me that transferring minutes would deactivate my phone the day before, and then tells me I have to spend more $$ to correct an issue they made?

I ask Israel to take a look at both accounts I have. We've been good long standing customer. He agrees. I tell him I'm doing a prudent thing by transferring my extra minutes the day before I port the number and does he see the logic in that? He agrees. I then ask him if he thinks I was attempting to get over on him or Net 10. He says no.

I ask Israel to do the right thing: since he's sizing me up as someone who isnt trying to get something for nothing, to do the right thing and reactivate my number so it can be ported. Net 10 still has my business with my wife's account. He says he can't do it. Says multiple times polices and procedures do not allow him to do that. I ask him as a supervisor isn't his role at Net 10 to size up situations that policies and procedures don't fit and to make a decision to move forward? He doesn't answer but his silence is deafening. (that's when I know he is not a supervisor).

He hammers me for 15 minutes telling me the "only" way to port the number is to reactivate it by buying minutes. I tell him he is reaching into my wallet and taking money from me. He is silent so I know he agrees.

I ask him after 50 minutes what is the minimum amount I need to purchase. He spends 3-4 minutes looking and says $20. I think of something novel: If I spend the $20 to reactivate a number that Net 10 deactivated without my permission, would they transfer the minutes and air time to my wife's account and extend her air time by 120 days for my troubles?

I tell him I'm willing to meet Net 10 in the middle: I'm willing to spend $20 to react my phone number (something I don't want to do), if Net 10 is willing to extend my wife's phone 120 days (something they're very capable of doing but perhaps not wanting to do). He says no. When I ask him why, he says that is too much. I ask him to make me an offer. After multiple "I'm not able to do anything, he says he will extend out her account just 10 days.

I tell Israel: not only are you attempting to get me to pull out $$ and give to a company who won't rectify a mistake (and I was going to do it), but now won't meet me half way and gives me a "slap in the face" offer of 10 days.

I ask Israel: who at Net 10 can extend out more air time than him? No response for 20 seconds. I ask Israel again... who at Net 10 can extend out more airtime than he can? No response again.

The Sprint agent who has heard every word of this for an hour and a half chimes in that she has to leave the call and THAT'S WHEN Israel loses his nerve and DISCONNECTS the call! (12/3/10 at 10:19pm) He was looking for an opportunity to do so for 90 minutes!

I don't call back right away not believing a supervisor would hang up on a customer so close to giving them more $$, but I wait 15 minutes.

I get rep Ashton who for the first 30 seconds is talking and listening to his friends in the background rather than ask me for information. He takes 6 minutes to say he is reviewing my account and interrmittendly puts me on mute (on and off). Apparently, "supervisor" Israel must have documented his version of our transaction and rep Ashton sized me up as a "difficult" customer because his only response was "There's nothing I can do for you"

(I wonder if CEO Fredrick J Pollack has any of his management people monitoring calls and not acting on why so many of his reps are saying "There's nothing I can do for you" or does management NOT care? Hmmm.)

I say to rep Ashton since he's not willing to help me, transfer me to a supervisor. He obliges quickly (not like in the beginning of the call when he waited 30 seconds to respond to a call on the line). He puts me on hold for 2 seconds, takes me off hold, mutes the call. I wait 45 seconds. Then I say, "Ashton, I'm still waiting for you to transfer the call to a supervisor". That's when I hear "click". Ashton has disconnected me. (12/3/10 at 10:50am).

So...on Dec. 2nd, NET10 deactivates my phone number without telling me transferring minutes would do that. And the following day, they make the situation worse by not doing the right thing and having 2 employees jeopardize their positions by hangng up on a customer.

This is so detailed in part because I am going to point Net10 Corporate Escalations to this blog so they can get my version of the transaction. I will also request they pull the 3 calls so they know I'm not doing this out of malice. Guess what? All I watnted to do was transfer some remaining minutes to my wife's account and port my number. Sounds simple? Not with Net10/Tracfoe.

From my experience here's how I envision a team meeting at Net 10 with the 3 reps I encountered:

Supervisor Israel (to rep 1): OK try to make sure, if you can, when you feel like it, and when the moon and stars are in alignment, to remember to tell customers that deactivation happens when they transfer minutes, OK, pretty please?

Rep 1: (bored) Whatever...

Supervisor Israel: Hey Ashton, good job hanging up on the customer this evening. But remember, you only have 299 hangups for the month and it's only Dec. 3rd. Remember, after hanging up on 300 customers a month, I have to report you to HR and you know how busy they are...

Rep Ashton: "Don't worry... let's see... I'm allowed to hang up on 300 customers a month, it's the 3rd... 31 days in Dec., I'm good boss... I love the hang up quota system...

Everyone: Don't believe a tracfone/Net10 phone and see for yourself!
# Posted By Gary | 12/4/10 9:46 AM
TRACFONE PROBLEMS's Gravatar OK, I suspect the answer is no, but here goes anyway:

I had a nice little Samsung phone that works fine. Liked it so much I decided to port my landline number over and dump AT&T, so bought a different (Motorola) phone and got my number ported over. However, Motorola phone is garbage, won't hold a charge, so I bought an identical Samsung phone, and had Tracfone transfer mins off my Motorola onto 2nd Samsung instrument and transfer my number to that same instrument. Now I find the NEW (2nd) Samsung phone won't show any BARS (can't get good reception) even though the two Samsung phones, side by side, show excellent bars on the OLD Samsung and crummy or no bars on NEW Samsung.

so my question is:
Can I swap the SIM cards between the two identical Samsung phones and still have each one work right? Or is the problem going to be with the two different serial numbers on the two different physical Samsung instruments?

WHY WOULD THE SAME MODEL, EXACT PHONES BE SO DIFFERENT IN PERFORMANCE? THE NEW SAMSUNG has lousy reception and audibility, which is why I got rid of the Motorola phone!

Am beginning to suspect that Tracfone is selling crummy phones with those FREE DOUBLE MINS FOR LIFE deals because they know you'll throw away the phones because they're lousy, so you won't really be getting double mins for life at all!

# Posted By TRACFONE PROBLEMS | 12/5/10 12:21 AM
Lee W. Calkins's Gravatar I have been a tracfone customer for about 7 years and i brag about my service, coverage, and reception to everybody that tells me how good their phone and service is. But, I always here them complaining about their company
I have always been very happy with mine. I would be really upset if I didn't have tracfone and had to go with another company.
For the so called rep that works for tracfone who stated in this blog, " I work for tracfone and yes it is a ripoff."
You're an idiot and you shouldn't be putting down the company that puts food on your table. They gave you a job didn't they? You must have applied to them for a job. Nobody asked you to go to work for them. if you have a problem with them, than quit and find a job that you're happy with.
# Posted By Lee W. Calkins | 12/7/10 10:14 PM
ken's Gravatar i recently updated my old tracfones to 2new 231c so i could get picture messaging camera and browser i ordered off of there web site so i would get right ones when i got them and after 3 plus hours and numerus calls the text and calling works no picture messaging no browser will not work with my supplier they can switch me to verizin but i have to swith my number of 10 years i said no so i just wasted my time and money
# Posted By ken | 1/2/11 5:07 PM
Very Disappointed's Gravatar I have had Tracfone for YEARS. Have had 12 phones all tolled. Four phones are in use in my household and I have recommended them to countless people. They messed up on when I purchased 60 units during a phone upgrade and charged me $53.98!!!! As if this wasn't bad enough, it cost me a $32 overdraft charge on my checking account. After 2.5 hrs on the phone, they removed all minutes and service time because they couldn't refund partial amount. My compensation for the $32 lost and 2.5 hrs of my time ultimately was 50 minutes and 30 days service...a slap in the face to someone who once WAS a loyal customer. No more...
# Posted By Very Disappointed | 1/3/11 1:02 AM
Don's Gravatar We tried the corporate number listed and they gave us a phony number to call. We contacted the the california attorney generals office. We will also be calling the Colorado attorney general. We have spent more hours than we wish to count with customer service and have been polite with no resolve.
# Posted By Don | 1/4/11 9:31 PM
Ellen's Gravatar I also have an issue with Tracphone. I bought one in 6/2010 for my business, all was good. Then upgraded January 2011, transferred phone number, service time and minutes to new phone. All good. Then wanted to reactivate old phone with new number, etc. Not so good - Tracphone ended up "making an error in the system" causing me to lose my original phone number. Now, I will lose thousands in sales, lose thousands redoing all business cards, forms, etc., and Tracphone's "answer" to that is to issue a work ticket and see what happens. THEY caused the error where I lost my number, not me. Want to bet that if they don't resolve the situation, I will get a lawyer, I will contact the BBB and everyone else that I can contact? Bottom line, STAY AWAY FROM TRACPHONE.
# Posted By Ellen | 1/19/11 10:06 PM
Mickey Bitsko's Gravatar Best solution when you have an issue with Tracfone is to use their Facebook page for support. They have reps on there and monitor quests and requests for help. You can also fill out a reuest to and you;; be contacted. I couldn't believe it but it works!
# Posted By Mickey Bitsko | 2/6/11 9:58 PM
Geoff's Gravatar I have been dealing with Tracone for almost a month now and it is the worst company I have ever dealt with!!!! First, they say our new Samsung photo
phones are no good, then they make us wait 5 days for replacement phones. Then they send us inferior LP phones. Then we lose our double minutes because
we transfer minutes. Then they get one of the phone numbers wrong, and claim that phone is also defective even though it had just worked with the wrong
phone number and to wait another 5 days for a re-furbished phone. I am going back to Wal-Mart where I bought them and see if they will refund our money.
And good luck trying to communicate with the out-of -country phone staff.

Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!! Tracfone sucks!!

Did I forget to mention Tracfone sucks!!
# Posted By Geoff | 4/11/11 1:06 PM
Jim's Gravatar Here's what happened to me. Also is that telephone number for complaints still in place and working? TIA

Original Message Follows:
Issue Category:
Credit Card Purchases
Specific Issue:
Airtime Purchase
Brief description of issue:
I ordered airtime 2 days ago on my wifes Tracfone cell phone. The
airtime never showed up. I made 2 calls to your support people. The
first call went fine but because I did not have my wifes phone she was
unable to help me. I called today on was on the phone for 45 minutes.
The tech support person eventually said to me you put the minutes on the
wrong phone. I told her no I didn't and even if i did the information
regarding my credit card and phone number and name should have stopped
the transaction from going through. She then stopped talking to me and
put the phone down and for the next 13 minutes all I could hear was
people talking in your call center there. I made numerous attempts
asking her if she was still there but she never answered me. At the 45
minute mark she hung up. Is this the way your call people treat their
customers? She put the phone down and kept me waiting without talking to
me again and then she hung up? The transaction id for this purchase was
14443. As a long time loyal customer I'm totally infuriated!!
# Posted By Jim | 4/26/11 5:05 PM
Debi's Gravatar Does anyone out there know how to start a class action suit?
# Posted By Debi | 4/26/11 9:19 PM
Julia Olsen's Gravatar Don't bother with that "special executive cutomer service number" posted up top in the company comments. They are a bad, and even worse than the regulare number. I had to repeat things numerous times, they kept asking the same questions, I kept giving the same answers, they repeated things back incorrectly, despite me correcting them (like my area code) then later they would say it back wrong again. He said he will put minutes on my phone and call me back but that wa over an hour ago. I made him promise, but I don't think he's going to do it. It is insanity inducing warfare on our mental health. My nightmare is too long to even start to tell. I have been reduced to tears, and it makes me sick to my stomach to see that they are just laughing at us! I am with Debi about a class action lawsuit! I am now out of minutes, even tho I am supposed to have UNLIMITED! I have spent about 15 hours over the last 12 or 13 days trying to resolve the issues, and they keep multiplying instead. They changed my phone number without telling me! Now they say they can't give it back!!! The new number is not correct for my area code, so none of the local land lines can call me without long distance service, like my doctor's office. I have told them repeatedly, I am disabled, nearly bedridden and this is my only phone access! I have 2 of their phones so I can talk to them on one while tryinh to ix the other! There is so much more to say, but I won't. I just wish I had gotten that CEO's phone number before it was removed. I hope he dies a slow painful excritiating death!
# Posted By Julia Olsen | 5/25/11 9:30 PM
# Posted By CINDY | 7/28/11 9:11 PM
Diana's Gravatar TracFone sucks! I've been trying to get them to assist me and they won't so I am giving them as much bad press as I can!
# Posted By Diana | 8/31/11 9:38 PM
Anne's Gravatar I have been trying for 3 weeks to add airtime. I have tried online and over the phone. I have given them 3 valid credit cards. I have been declined each time. I have been a customer of Tracfone for years and have always paid for more airtime with no problems. This time I have spent well over 2 hours trying to give them money for mins. and I am not any closer to getting this resolved. Where's the hammer!?
# Posted By Anne | 10/11/11 5:44 PM
ccc's Gravatar I just went from abysmal (or "typical") to over the top excellence from tracfone customer service. I got an email telling me my international long distance had been activated at my request (nope- didn't ask for it and have no use for it). So I called 1-888-251-8164 which was in the email. Talked to a wonderful rep (definitely not in the US from her accent) who told me it was activated because of the type phone I had and didn't cost any minutes as long as I didn't use it. She asked if she could help with anything else and I breifly told her my earlier problem. In less than three minutes- BOOM! RESOLVED! So it appears that you usually talk to clueless folk and sometimes you luck out. May you all be as fortunate as me- otherwise go with the Miami numbers listed in earlier msg's. When your tracfone works its great- when it doesn't it's not even a good paperweight.
# Posted By ccc | 11/22/11 5:46 PM
sixmile's Gravatar tracfone is a execellent phone commpany i have used them for many years with no trouble all the complaints i read are from people that you cannot please if they were given free service all i can say is get a life.
# Posted By sixmile | 12/7/11 12:01 AM
Deborah's Gravatar I have been using tracfone for about 6 years now with no issues until recently. For some reason I can no longer call Canada, as soon as I follow the instructions and place the call, a recorded message immediately comes on saying "plse check the number dialed" and then goes on in different languages all the while while the phone is trying to call my number. It will ring on the other end but no sound or voice and then the tracfone will disconnect saying "wrong number". I have tried working with Tracfone customer service to solve this issue to no avail. I am not sure if Tracfone recently changed this or the zip codes you could you use to call Canada however, all I know is not working and nobody at Tracfone can seem to fix it.
# Posted By Deborah | 12/8/11 10:51 AM
Jim's Gravatar Avoid all of trac phone 10 and all associated companies like the plague!!!!! If they do work (seldom) there is no customer service to speak of. All of the operators which you wait 25-30 minutes on hold to speak with, read from a script and barely understand English. They really have no idea how to correct your situation as they don't really grasp your situation. Fred Pollock's number has been removed from a concerned blogger for fear of a lawsuit. Whomever you are please e-mail his home number as I am willing to take him on in court and I will publish it internationally. My e-mail is: All of the above is my personal opinion and not to be construed as a factual statement. (In my opinion it really is though)

Jim Hitzman
# Posted By Jim | 12/20/11 10:12 PM
Steven Eaton's Gravatar TRACFONE worst company experience EVER !!!

Let me start by saying i have been on them for a very very long time like 10 years. So i decided time to upgrade 1 phone, port my boost to them, and add a new line for the daughter. First problem their customer service reps in cambodia, India or wherever they are (they wont say) speak english. They dont however understand english. And I say they as I have now spoken to 20 reps, and 1 of my 3 phones is working. My first phone gets ported (tracfone to tracfone) however I lost all my minutes, which they said would not be the case. My second phone, the brand new number (you would think the simplest), is dead. It arrived sealed in a package, however after umpteen people they finally figured out the sim card in it does not match their system. I wont tell you how many ways they tried to insinuate that I swapped the sim, was a simpleton, or how many problems. So now they are shipping me a new sim, sure glad I got overnight on the original order. I will update you if that phone ever works, mind you I ordered it brand new from them. My 3rd phone, porting my number from boost. Spent forever giving the simplest info to the person who spoke but did not understand english. and they submitted it. They then called to say the account number was wrong. i called and verified with boost the account number is the phone number. I decided forget tracfone. Then today my phone starts ringing 3 times they call, your number port is complete, we are ready to activate your phone. I spend 45 minutes with a rep on the phone on the port, he is having me do battery pulls( says they cant have booth phones on during the port ect) we are almost done, he gets disconnected. Now when I called back in to 3 different reps they are back at square one saying the account number is wrong (mind you it was them calling me today saying the port was complete and ready to be finished on their end).

1. If your too cheap to hire americans, there are numerous countries that can actually understand english. Do you realize how many extra minutes you are paying for on phone charges while people try to talk to people who don't understand english.

2. You have a QA problem if you are shipping phones with wrong sims, it is costing you money, and customers the way this is going. Oh by the way dont insult me and call me a liar when you screw up and put the wrong sim in my phone you ship to me in a sealed package.

3. Kindly make sure you transfer my minutes when you say that you will.

4. Computers are amazing, maybe your systems should talk to each other. If you are calling me pestering me telling me my port is done and killing my boost phone, kindly update your other system so that whoever i call back into is not starting at ground zero. How about a simple call history ? an ability to get me back to the person that I was working with.
# Posted By Steven Eaton | 2/16/12 12:13 AM
JC's Gravatar Hi, this is JC with TracFone Wireless. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems. Please send me your contact information to the following email address . My colleagues and I can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. So you don’t have to retype this information, just copy your blog concern and email it to us.
# Posted By JC | 3/9/12 6:00 PM
bcs's Gravatar I just purchased a phone and unlimited international minutes , spent over 3 hrs with tech support...only to find out that the international minutes did not include calls to cell phones internationally to Guadalajara, Mx. Who has a landline anymore? I am extremely pissed and will never purchase Tracfone again. I could not find where this was clearly stated on the box or instructions and the WalMart representative had affirmed that international cell calls were part of the plan.
# Posted By bcs | 6/29/12 11:23 AM
Randall's Gravatar I finally filed a formal complaint with the F.C.C. regarding Tracfone's gregious errors in automated services and customer service. It took yet another billling error and an unbelievably rude and unprofessional woman in their "Loss Prevention" Department (who refused to give her name or identification) to prompt my action. I am currently composing a letter to Mr. Kevin Gulbranson, Vice President, in hopes that someone will finally take some appropriate action to resolve the communication barrier that exist (how very, very ironic). Not only do their actions smack of deceit and fraud, but callers are treated as "stupid Americans"!
# Posted By Randall | 7/10/12 12:49 PM
nharrold's Gravatar Without going into several month's worth of extremely frustrating details, suffice it to say that several days ago, Tracfone arbitrarily cut off my service. I have spent all day and yesterday talking to numerous reps, some of whom I called and some of whom called me, and almost all of whom wanted me to recite the entire chronology of my problem. All I was asking them to do was to restore my airtime minutes and my service days to the phone, from which they had been deleted.

I know they were just trying to help. However, I couldn't put up with it anymore and sent an email asking for the contact information for the Tracfone CEO. They wouldn't give it to me, so I searched and found it on the web.

In the meantime, I received a call from a fellow named Lloyd in their Executive Resolution Department at the HQ in Miami. He at least listened and understood when we discussed the problem, which incidentally included two different serial numbers for the one phone.

Lloyd was eventually able to resolve the problem to my satisfaction.

Would I ever buy another Tracfone? I don't know, depends on what I could learn about the competition.
# Posted By nharrold | 10/9/12 11:57 PM
ron's Gravatar I have a LG800 dumb smart phone. I am a Net 10 customer and got burn't on 3 of there phones. So TracPhone sent me an LG800. I don't use the browser because the screen is so small that you can't read anything. TracPhone has been accessing my browser running down my minutes. I only buy the 300 minute plan because it works the best for me. These's guy's are stealing my minutes. I am so angry
# Posted By ron | 1/8/13 11:28 AM
rep's Gravatar It is important to read the Terms and Conditions. There are times that issues could not be resolved real time. Not all reps are the same. But most of the time Issues are not resolved due to Profane words, Racist treatment of some of the callers. We are not allowed to continue assisting customers if we are treated that way. There are times that we will just swallow the hurtful words addressed to us personally and just continue assisting the customers. But the truth is, we are required to release the call if we are being addressed with such behavior.
# Posted By rep | 2/22/13 6:21 AM
Mrs. Elizabeth Turner's Gravatar this is to thank you for the number that you posted for tracfone
Corporate head Quarters Executive Resolutions Dept on
1-800-876- 5753 i am on the phone now.
# Posted By Mrs. Elizabeth Turner | 2/25/13 1:58 PM
Jym Montgomery's Gravatar Is anyone having any issues with the Tracfone 235C?
I upgraded and this model phone does not text
message right it is fine when sent out spacings and
all , however the recipient recieves it with no
spacings and words all linked together, Tracfone
tells me all is ok and it's the other parties problem.
IS NOT TRUE, so any advice is welcomed.
# Posted By Jym Montgomery | 2/27/13 10:56 PM
Ellen's Gravatar Ms. Turner - good luck! Hope it works out for you. My contact there, Teresita is AMAZING. Not only does she help me out immediately (I ONLY deal with her), but she is polite, professional and knows her stuff. I've not had any issues since then and I don't anticipate any. I've even switched up to a triple minute phone and am happy with it. Good Luck!!!!!
# Posted By Ellen | 3/1/13 5:27 PM
Carmen willis's Gravatar By the time you wait to speak to someone and to get an answer is and leaves a person frustrated, the person you get some times act as if , well ok dud! Then when you call back to speak they just keep hanging up on you, people need to understand the problem is enough to deal with, but to be hung up on repeatedly is totally uncalled for, they also need to speak up, slow down . Many are hard to understand.
# Posted By Carmen willis | 4/4/13 11:23 PM
Baljit Saini's Gravatar I got my phone activated two days back.A new telephone number was assigned but with different area code from where I intend to use in (e.g. 925 against required 408 }.I contacted to change the number to number having my area code I was informed that they now have changed the number but I did not get any changed number on my phone.I contacted again and they gave another phone number but not with right area code.Any way ,I used the newly assigned telephone number to call my land line telephone and my wife's tracfone ,the call went through but when I called to the assigned telephone number from my land line phone and my wife's tracphone calls did not went thru.This is the product of my many hours labor and senior citizens energy thru lousy customer service of tracfone.
# Posted By Baljit Saini | 4/7/13 2:02 AM
William Rogers's Gravatar I have had my phone from tracfone less than a yr and they had me send it in to be tested and technical agreed with me but even tho they said if he agreed they would send me a new phone u know the answer to that. They never did and I talked to everyone even the highest and he said the warranty was up yet I had been calling them since the day I got it because the unlock button would not unlock so I never got to use the phone.I am Sylvia and just got off the phone with the corp office and they keep saying you have no warranty on your phone but yet I have been calling tracfone since I received the phone for Christmas from QVC and they took down the notes so they read them and I guess they get points for not giving out good phones and not replacing them because they all had the very same script even corp office and then they had me send the phone to technical and they said I am right but still did not do anything and all this was when I still had plenty of time on the warranty and I am an accountant 68 yrs old and have been very ill and with 3 doctors running every test immaginal and have lost 140 lbs. and look like a bone with no meat.but I will make good that I will do my very best to cause them as many problems as possible.and if you want to get an action law suit going I am with you all the way,,, lets hurry before they make a load off the company and disappear and believe me that's what they will do.Please Please let me know and email me. Class Action Suit would bring a ton of peopleI have already read tons of replys for phones from them that doesn't work and never did just like mine.You try to call someone and it goes to lock.Email me but if you work for tracfone DONOT BOTHER.what are you doing I know for a fact they have all been correct and if you do not want this comment, just tell me so I do not keep hanging on me this is serious they have ripped so many many people off that could not afford to pay for one, this is more for them than for me.
# Posted By William Rogers | 5/8/13 9:26 PM
Chuck's Gravatar I bought a smartphone from Straight Talk in June. I was on ATT for my provider from Straight Talk at the time. The phone that I purchased turned out to only run on Verizon, which I just found out today when they cut my phone off because they screwed up my Auto Refill. I think I have my refill problem resolved (after spending over two hours on the phone.) I had to get my credit card company on the phone at the same time. When the credit rep advised them they had not received any request on my card from them since yesterday and that Straight Talk used the wrong information, Straight Talk admitted they had a problem. I called back this evening when I got a message saying my credit card had been declined again. I called back and finally got that problem fixed. But the company refuses to fix the porting of my AT&T account to Verizon. Their website does not identify a particular phone as tied to any particular network. When I ordered the phone, I was not told that it would require porting to another network.I have contacted Mr. Fuentes in Miami, FL at the corporate headquarters and left a voicemail. This is (1) a violation of FCC regulations, which requires a confirmation before porting a number to a diffferent service; (2) false advertising, which falls under Dept. of Commerce regulations, and (3) a problem I don't think AT&T will like. The fact that Straight Talk is taking customers away from them is not a good picture. The Straight Talk Operations Manager (Maria) said that she couldn't contact her supervisor because (a) policy didn't allow it and (b) the supervisor was responsible for other areas of company work and would not know anything about what Operations did. I was also told I would have to purchase an AT&T capable phone and they will change my number to the new phone. So I am working to contact any and everyone at corporate headquarters till I get satisfaction. I am contacting the BBB and Atty Gen office in AR and FL tomorrow. The FCC and other feds will have to wait till the government is back operating.
# Posted By Chuck | 10/15/13 8:41 PM
Robert Wilson's Gravatar I just got a new phone to replace my old phone. I keep getting a message about activating - which I did and move the minutes to the new phone. However I cannot use the phone. I have talked to 5 techs no help. The service is no existing.
My only choice is another cell company.
My warning if you upgrade watch out. It might be easier to go to another company.
if you email customer service you get a computer generated response.
# Posted By Robert Wilson | 12/8/13 6:16 PM
Frank Conner's Gravatar I would like to add my two cents worth. Bought a new Android LG L38c phone on line. Did the normal transfer of time and service, and all seemed well. Started to add phone numbers from old phone, and after 13-14 entries, screen said memory was full. Called tracfone support, and is seemed to be a ho-hum thing for them. No resolution. Called three more times, and on the last call, their tech said the phone was not right and they would send a new phone to replace it. We said our goodby's, and I awaited the new phone's arrival so that it could be programmed with the needed info. What I got was a box with a note telling me to send the phone back to them. After they received the phone, they would send out a new phone. This is not what their tech told me. I will be without a phone for almost two weeks, and this is not acceptable.

After calling tracfone customer center, I went through two operators, and finally asked to speak to someone above them. I was connected to a "John", the manager on the floor. He would not help me on the story told to me by their tech. I now asked him to speak to someone above him, and was told email their offices in Miami.
I need my phone, and almost two weeks without one is not the answer.

This is lousy customer service, in fact it is NO customer service. I will continue to chase this.
# Posted By Frank Conner | 3/20/14 12:01 PM
ed massey's Gravatar will be going to bermuda in july will my tracfone woek there
# Posted By ed massey | 6/7/14 7:44 AM
Danny's Gravatar I just tried to resolve an issue with redeeming a prepaid card and got no satisfaction at all after several phone calls and many minutes with their call center. They are not actually rude, it just seems like they are just reciting scripts for each issue or question and do not care at all if they are really helping you with your problem. We like the phones and the coverage, but after many years of using their phones, will be changing soon, even though they are the most economical fit for the amount of time we use our phones.
# Posted By Danny | 7/5/14 9:18 AM
Joellen Eaves's Gravatar I am a final stage COPD patient, and I own a 2126 tracfone model with 5,000 accumulated (purchased) minutes, which I hoped to use in my hospital hospice when I am admitted later this year. But the Nokia rep says I am no longer permitted to use my minutes after 9/3/14 because they will all be deleted. There is no provision for extending service. I was merely dumped for their convenience!

It's a cruel company with cruel reps, although the reps are probably just following directions.
# Posted By Joellen Eaves | 8/10/14 3:20 PM
Michael's Gravatar I purchased a new android phone directly from Tracfone and was given incorrect information as to the features I wanted. Within 2 days I requested to return the phone. When I transferred my minutes from my old regular Tracfone to the new android, I was told that they transferred the 1274.30 minutes successfully. When I was actually able to check my minutes, on the website in my account (not on my phone), I was told that I had 1112 minutes. Minus an outgoing 30 sec., and incoming 30 sec. call to check if the phone was working, I lost 161 minutes like that, poof! For the past 2 days I have been going around and around with customer service phone calls and emails to no avail. They aren't exactly rude, they just seem to ignore what you are saying.
I now want to go back to my old Tracfone and was told that my minutes (1112) on my new android cannot be transferred, and I will lose those minutes. That is a total of 1274.30 minutes gone. In the email they said "Please note that the SIM cards, service cards, delivery shipping costs, and return shipping costs are non-refundable". And I have to supply a tracking number. Also "Please be informed that you can transfer your current phone number from your TracFone Android phone to the new TracFone regular phones. However, we cannot transfer the minutes from the TracFone Android phones going to TracFone regular phones.
So my little adventure of trying to be more up-to-date and modern has become a failed experiment, and now I have to waste a lot of time fighting for my rights.
I will update on my success or failure.
My advice: If you are older and don't need all the "smart crap", DO NOT buy an android phone!
# Posted By Michael | 9/4/14 10:35 AM
Michael M.'s Gravatar I purchased a new android phone directly from Tracfone and was given incorrect information as to the features I wanted. Within 2 days I requested to return the phone. When I transferred my minutes from my old regular Tracfone to the new android, I was told that they transferred the 1274.30 minutes successfully. When I was actually able to check my minutes, on the website in my account (not on my phone), I was told that I had 1112 minutes. Minus an outgoing 30 sec., and incoming 30 sec. call to check if the phone was working, I lost 161 minutes like that, poof! For the past 2 days I have been going around and around with customer service phone calls and emails to no avail. They aren't exactly rude, they just seem to ignore what you are saying.
I now want to go back to my old Tracfone and was told that my minutes (1112) on my new android cannot be transferred, and I will lose those minutes. That is a total of 1274.30 minutes gone. In the email they said "Please note that the SIM cards, service cards, delivery shipping costs, and return shipping costs are non-refundable". And I have to supply a tracking number. Also "Please be informed that you can transfer your current phone number from your TracFone Android phone to the new TracFone regular phones. However, we cannot transfer the minutes from the TracFone Android phones going to TracFone regular phones.
So my little adventure of trying to be more up-to-date and modern has become a failed experiment, and now I have to waste a lot of time fighting for my rights.
I will update on my success or failure.
My advice: If you are older and don't need all the "smart crap", DO NOT buy an android phone!
# Posted By Michael M. | 9/4/14 11:00 AM
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