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The Milk is Frozen, the Milk is Frozen

I found a half gallon of milk frozen in the back of the fridge this morning. It was hard as a rock. I wonder if it'll be edible when it thaws out.

No milk means no cereal. No Cereal lead me to the box of eggos in the freezer. Eating eggos for breakfast means there are less eggos in the house. Less eggos in the house means that T will have no breakfast food on Friday.

Maybe I'll visit the grocery store during lunch

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Erika's Gravatar You can freeze milk very successfully. :) In fact we stock up at the dairy about every two weeks, leave some in the fridge, freeze the rest. It unthaws pretty quickly in a sink full of ice water, providing the jug is plastic of course. Just don't leave it on the counter. Good luck with your milk. :)
# Posted By Erika | 6/21/12 4:52 PM
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