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Two Hours

I spent two hours on the phone w/ customer service trying to get connected to my DSL. It just stopped working. Totally crazy.

The resolution was for me to go and buy a new DSL modem. After two hours, they wait until the stores are closing to tell me this. :groans:

The second level support guy (spoke English) was a lot better than the first level support guy (didn't speak English). I made the first guy esclate it when I asked if I could speak to someone competant.

Thank you Paul for ATT / SNET!

I was able to run out to Circuit City (which closed at 10, not 9) and buy a new DSL modem. I plugged it in and it worked immediately.

I spent yet another hour putting the computers back together (I had moved around 3 systems in the process of dealing with support ).


On a good note, I got to get together w/ D tonight. I had some Pizza at the place by Rookies. It was good. He took a full time job w/ the company that he had been consulting through. He's pretty happy, and I couldn't be happier for him.

There is nothing like seeing someone energized to energize yourself.

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