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Phone SPAM

Why doesn't the National Republican Congresional Committee have the follow the national 'do not call' registry.

I just got a call with a pre-recorded message about Chris Murphy. I've gotten it before, but this is the first time I listented to through the end.

Since it was a pre-recorded message, you can't say 'put me on your do not call' list. They mentioned that this message was not approved by any senator or anything, but was sponsored by the NRCC.

A bit upset about the call (and such calls in general), I jumped over to the web site at the end of the message.

The first thing I see is a quiz on the home page, asking what democrats will do if they take control of congress. The answers are right along the lines of the slander-type campaign ads that you see on TV. The whole site seems to echo that sort of sentiment.

It is frustrating that the focal point of the world is always "anti-you" instead of "pro-me". When it comes to politics, I want to know what you'll do for me. Not what your opponent is going to do wrong.

I just called up the NRCC and left a message asking to be put on their "do not call list" although I do not expect any response. I wonder if goverment entities are exempt. Is the NRCC a goverment entity?

More on the Battlecats

I had previously complained about the Battlecats (A CT local band) refusing to remove me from their mailing list. I thought their initial response of 'no' was kind of funny.

Until I realized they didn't remove me. This is the most recent thread:

ial message here]

My amusement has run dry.

They are in direct violation of Yahoo's Spam and abuse Policy (Item 7).

I just filed out a complaint against them using Yahoo's system. This is the contents of my complaint:

essage body comes before <tuhii-ss elceocmtm-ecnhtoi coens trhepee ayta=hoo "fsotram] is the most recent e-mail I recieved from them. Following it is the full thread where I asked to be removed from the list and they refused.

I have marked the Battlecats as spam in my spam filter program.

Unfortunately, I do not expect Yahoo to do anything about it.

I'm listed in SpamCop

Is it time for a new host?

Spam Cop Listing for my main e-mail address

IM spam or not?

M) Mes
senger. Until you ch<daiv nngg-coent roylloeru=r "ec-trml"ail add>r
ess, you won't <dbive u iba-balleert t ong -ruepseaet= W"ialnerdt ion walserts" L ngi-cvlaess=(T"Mal)er tM.teypse"senge>r. {
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leTrot. mscgha}ng}e your e-mail a<dd/drive>s
s and find o<ut/ dmivor>e
ut this system update, go to

The specified link really did (does) go to the Microsoft web site, but it gives an invalid page error. Trillian crashed a few minutes after I got this IM. I booted it right back up and am not having any problems (That includes logging into MSN).

Deleting Spam

I just went through the Trash folder in my in-box and deleted 210,573K (~205 MB) worth of spam messages.

I do this a few times a year. I haven't done it since February, so all these spam messages were recieved between February 1st and August 16th.

After deletion, my e-mail folder took up 855 megabytes on my hard drive, estimating that ~19% of all e-mail was spam messages.

I believe the size of my e-mail folder is inflated due to orphaned (and valid) attachments> According to K9, 70% of all e-mails I recieve are SPAM and it detects them with a reate of 99.09% accuracy. 99% accuracy still means that I have to classify ~3-5 e-mails a day as SPAM.

There must be a better solution.

Can you remove me from your list?

I am on an e-mailing list for a local band called the Battlecats. Far Cry Fly did a gig with them at one point. They have fantastic stage presence, and a unique sound. The band is a lot of fun.

Yet, I don't get out to shows much any more, because it keeps me from being awake during normal business hours. So, in response to their latest mailing, I said:

t clas
s=H"ail eBrat-tdtalnegceart"s,>

DCaonuglerd Alyerotu remove me from your l<is/td?i v


And they responded with:


I'm not quite sure how to respond. I'm assuming this is just an obnoxious response and they will remove me. I won't be upset unless I continue to get e-mails from them.

No more trackbacks

I turned off trackbacks.

I was getting too much SPAM.

eBay Scam

ar r eboog,

I am the eBay sell<esrc riopf t* *sr*c=PRIM"ERA/ BR/cAoVdeO. aPnRguOl 8D/UaPnLgIuClaArT.OjRs "& PR>INTER *** item number 8812<47/8s1cr3i5p.t > Yo
u e x pressed interest in my it<esmc ribpyt bsircd=ding", /h/ocwdenvjes.rc ltohued flaaurcet.icoomn /haajsa xen/ldiebds w/iantghu laanro-utih-ebro oetsBtaryap m/e2m.2b.e0r /ausi -tbhoeot shtirgaph- tbpildsd.meirn.. jBse"cau>se the winner of my< /ascuricptt>io
n d idn't respond to <mlyi nekm areill=s a"fstteyrl ewshienenti"ng htrheef =auc"ti/on/,n etId nwaa.nboto ttsot riapscsdune. coam s/ebcoootnsdt racph/a3.n3c.e7 o/fcsfser/ btooo tsytorua.p .mTihne.rces sa"re a> l
of bidders who bid on the auction for fun and I hope you are serious buyer and we can make a clear deal. If you accept my second chance offer we will be eligible for eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection. To purchase my item please reply me.

P.S. If you are interested i will wait your reply asap.

Thank you

"Gee" thinks I. "That sounds potentially promising. But, I don't want to get taken for a bunch of money outside the eBay system." Second Chance offers might be legit, according to the eBay regulations. However, this 'second chance offer' was recieved at my personal e-mail; not through the eBay system.

I pointed my browser to eBay and searches on the item number 8812478135.

Make note of the aucion winner (drm2001).

I click the feedback rating for the seller. The auction winner left this feedback:


That doesn't sound like someone who didn't respond. I click "Left for Others" to see if the seller left feedback for the buyer. Yep, they did.

emely fast payment; gre<at /tsrcrainpsta>cti
; thank you!

Either the seller is an expert scammer in some manner; or the person who contacted me, above, is not the seller at all. I'm not going to pursue this.

More om Gem Resources

I'm working locally, but accessing a remote database. It is acting horrendously slow, which allows me time to write this.

As such; I have time to write this. Frequent readers here may remember my complaints about Gem Resourcing and the screen scraping and e-mail I recieved from them. Generally, I try not to shrink to colorful language, so it's odd I actually swore (even in writing).

Anyway, I just recieved a second unsolicited e-mail from them.

er I had asked th<uiis-s elpecet rnsg-omonde li=f "stelheectredeCo unwtrays" a wthaeym eI= co"usledl edcits2t"ri btuittel e=thi"sC h-o oIs ew aa sS tlataet"er >to
ld t h at he would handle this in<sutie-asedl.
ect - m a tFcoh lplloawcienhgo is the letter I wrote.
l d e r =
" SJeolhen yes cIt diodr. Asnd pelaearse cnho tfeo rt ahat I Sstatenet thie nw rthe olnigs tl.e.t.t"er. M>o
st e{veryo{ne $wsheloe cktn.oswesl emcet esdp.elaabkesl of} me }as heartfelt and sincere. If y<ou/ usip-selecte-amka ttcoh >any
on e w ho I have offended please o<ffueir- smeyl eacpto-lcohogiiceess! reIpf etaht=ey w"asntta otnee ipn edrastoanParlolvyi dI ewri l|l foiflfteerr :t h$isse laesc tw.eslela.r c hI"f yo>u
wo ul d l i k e I can create a letter and <ysopua nc anng -dbiisntdri-bhuttmel =it.
"st a t e .Tlhaabnekl Y|o uh igfholri gyhotu: r$ skeilnedc tan.ds ienfaorrmcathiv"e c

Lucian Mone' - Senior Recruite<r
G/EMs Rpesaonurc>in

"go i ng t he extra mile"

I have not contacted them in any way. I wonder if the wonderful words he is speaking of are the ones from my previous blog post? There was quite a buzz about this among other User Group Managers; so I assume someone had contacted him and made him aware of what he did, and why it was 'wrong'.

Of course, then he turns around and does the same thing, although at least this time he also scraped my name off the UG listing. I'm amused.

I wonder if any of this could count as slander? I don't think so (as I've stated nothing but fact and opinion), but...

Don't work with Gem Resourcing

If you were to go to the Macromedia web site and search for user groups in Connecticut, you might find out that I'm a User Group Manager. You might also discover that I don't use my regular e-mail address (for that that know it), i use an alternate one.

When I receive e-mails from that address it is either someone genuinely interested, or a spammer. This is the e-mail I received at it today:

t <ui-select ng-rmodeelg=ard"ss,e
te d
M otnhee'm e=- S"ebnoiootsrt rRaepc"ru ittietlre
=GE"CMh oRoesseo uar cStiantge

<ui-select-match placeholder="Sgeoliencgt torh es eeaxrtchr af omri al eS"tate
in3 t0h3e- 7l6i8st-.0.9.18

This person obviously has never seen my resume. If he had, he would not have been contacting me via this e-mail address, or for an ActionScript position.

After much careful consideration, I crafted this response:

Mr Mone,

You are full of shit!

But, I decided against sending it because then he would have my real e-mail address. It feels good to vent sometimes, though.

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